Unispin hand confusion / crankflip

Hey everyone.

When I unispin, I spin with my left hand forward, right hand back, and counter clockwise. However, when I one-hand unispin, I use by back hand (right hand) and spin left.

I have a feeling that the reason I can’t 3spin yet is because I have to rely on my left hand.

Any tips


When I practice crankflips, I notice that I either spin the cranks by pulling up my arm, or don’t spin them by keeping it straight. I just cannot figure out how to spin the cranks. It seems, in Shaun’s tutorial, that by keeping pressure on your front foot, the wheel should spin the moment you leave the ground, is this right?

I don’t really understand the trouble you are having with 3 spins, so I’ll try to help with the crankflips

When you ride up to them, you should be relaxed. Before the flip, you need to tense up and pull up hard on the seat. Pressure should be applied to the front pedal, and the flip should begin as soon as your feet leave the pedals. The thing you might be doing wrong is pulling your feet up, instead of kicking them out. This will help you get the flip, and plus they look better. Tell me if this helps;)

I’m see what your getting at Eli.

Although, in Shaun’s tutorial he says not to bend your arm. However you said to pull up on it hard, as this will apply more pressure to the foot. What do you mean by this.

Also, let me clarify what I mean with my unispins.

I spin to the left. However, I can only 1spin. This is so because I can use my right hand the full 180 degrees. When I attempt to 3spin, I have to use my left hand, which is really weak.

Have you tried to 3spin the uni with your right hand??
If you train the hand movement with the uni in front of you your left hand will get stronger. Then go for 360 mounts.

I spin the same way as you do and my left arm is also the weaker one. I can’t spin one-handed but I can 3 spin with my left hand in front. You will be able to do them with your left hand in front with a lot of practice. I know that’s a frustrating answer but that’s what it’s going to take. Just throw it!

Hmmm as long as this thrad is at the top I’ll pose my question, I dislike unispins(any kind) two handed or sif, they just don’t feel clean or look as cool to me but anyway I can can get the spin one handed from seat in no problem(even managed a 540 once) but have trouble staying over the uni thus not allowing me to land the unispin(anything higher than a 1spin). Same goes for rolling 1spins down things(currently curbs haha) any tips for staying over the uni when spinning?

I have the same ‘problem’ and I can do 540spins… :slight_smile:
it is just a lot of practise to land a 3spin :roll_eyes:

It doesn’t sound like you are doing anything wrong, and it does sound like you understand what it happening.

Spinning in the direction of your dominant hand may be an advantage for some things, however alot of us learned and do it the way you are describing. I uni spin to the left with my non-dominant hand. When I unispin from seat in(onehanded) I spin to the right with my right hand.

Just keep practicing, you will get it.

Crank flips just take some time, eventually all the parts of your body (feet, legs arms and such) will work together. It will click. If you can zero plant, you can land the flip, so just keep practicing the spin. You have the right idea, aplly pressure, pull up on the handle, jump… I think you know the basic concept of the trick enough, so go out and work on it.:wink: