UniGeezer: "Crazy 8!" (8 stair!)

I’ve been wanting to try this 8 set for soooo long, but I just kept chickening out; Today I finally faced my fear and went for it!:smiley: (Gotta wait 'till the end haha!) Thanks to John Long (Vivalargo) for his encouragement!

It’s a full, standard 8 stair, not short steps or low. Before this the most I’ve ever fully cleared was a 6 set, so I’m really psyched! There’s a few other fun things leading up to it, including some Coker drops and a couple of 5 foot drops… to FLAT! :astonished: (Sorry Kris!)

Hope you enjoy and would love to read your coments. Watch past the creds for some fun extras!

thats crazy!!! i hope im still progressing like that when im yur age!!!

barring the bad music.
awesome video!


thats awesome man!

cept next time, try not to land on dog crap :roll_eyes:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

haha. For some reason that Van Halen tune just seemed to fit! I wanted high energy. I know it’s not everybody’s cuo ‘o’ tea, but, oh well. :o

Haha! I don’t care…I did the 8 set!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

hes not 51… i still dont believe you.

cool. When you clear sets it looks like you just ride really fast off of them, i bet if you did a big rolling hop off you could clear even bigger sets.

Yeah I’m working on getting more height, but I actually hit that 8 set with less speed than I had on a lesser 6 set, so I couldn’t rely on speed alone to clear it. And I cleared it with room to spare. I guess the way I see it, at least I went for it and cleared it, and for and old fart like me, that’s not too shabby lol! :slight_smile:

That’s sweet. and congrats on doing it! I jumped an 8 set this summer that is at the beginning of my video. It took a lot of guts and i rolled up to it tons of times before I acualy had the guts to do it, and I landed it first try it was a great feeling.

That’s awesome congrats man!:smiley: (Aren’t stair sets FUN!!!??)

aww no fair i still dont have health insurance yet so i am only aloud to jump 6’s but i landed a hickflip the other day when i was messing around at the skatepark. but i broke my seat post.

Cool good job! Hey, what happened to your new username Tyler_n?

That was awesome to watch. I can’t say it enough how much I love your videos. Heck yeah old dudes.

haha thanks I guess it’s just good therepy for me! I think I’ll say “Eight is enough” :smiley:

o whoops. i keep this computer signed in as bob1993 and i havent changed it yet.

there thats better

Here’s a few freeze frames.
Thanks to John Don and Kelly for snapping them!:smiley:

nice pictures:)

Awesome !!! Well done Terry.