UniGeezer: "A Noble Effort"


I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment. :):smiley:

Here’s a little writeup; hope it’s not tooo long lol.

It was a full 12 hours from (1/17/09) getting up at 5:30am, :astonished: , and then driving 165 miles to Noble canyon in Pine valley, CA, and getting back home almost exactly 12 hours later at 5:30pm! I’ve been dying to try this trail ever since CMW '08, which I missed out on, sadly. :frowning:

So since I really didn’t do anything special on my 53rd b-day, I thought why not treat myself to this ride as a little way to celebrate it. :slight_smile:
I had posted a thread in MTBr.com-just the night before-for someone who might be willing to meet me there and film some footage as I ride, and I also offered pay $50 for the help. First reply came from a guy named Rob Ruth, but he wouldn’t take any money, even at my insistence! Really cool guy.

So we met at the trailhead this morning about 9am, and he was happy to shoot some tracking footage; This place is a blast! The trail is about 12 miles of DH, and drops in at 5,000 feet, (there was still some snow thawing at the top!) and there are some really great technical sections starting at about the 3-4 mile mark.

There’s a section near the bottom called, “Stairway to hell”, and it pretty much lives up to its name! So after 12 solid hours, which included driving almost 350 miles (roundtrip), the trail riding, all the pre-ride preparation, stopping to set up and film, and taking a few rest and snack breaks, it was one heck of a great day! I wish I’d shot more, but I was having so much fun riding, I’m just glad I got what I did!:slight_smile:

Awesome vid! The trail looks freakin awesome.

Nice video, definately one of your better ones! The music in the beggining reminds me of this clip.:stuck_out_tongue:

Great to watch – from the comfort of my armchair :slight_smile: Nice camera angles especially liked the low shots with close-ups of uni wheel. Like the way the MTB’s were included in same scenes as uni – gave a sort of wider perspective on your skills as those riders stopped and watched :sunglasses: Did the soundtrack come from Youtube? Well, that’s one heck of an energetic day – talk about burning calories.

we have the same alarm clock

Wow, nice way to celebrate! I get to start celebrating my birthday in one more month. I dont plan to stop til the next one lol. I have a lot of catching up to do. :smiley:

simply brilliant

i bet there was a lot more great stuff there that you must have had a lot of fun with:)
keep it up

Thanks. Looks even more intense in person! :smiley:

Haha yeah classic video there, with the William tell overture by Rossini.

Thanks yeah it was a big day for sure. Those music tracks are public domain. Edvard Grieg (Peer Gynt) and Pachebel’s “Canon in D”

Yeah I need something smaller it takes up too much room on my nightstand lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll still be in your 30’s, Lucky you!:slight_smile:

Yeah that’s for sure. I didn’t really want to stop I was having so much fun riding. I would stop and shoot, then maybe ride for at least a mile before stopping again. If I’d stopped for everything I thought would have made another cool shot, I’d still be there haha!:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh cool, now I just realized I have 14 years to catch up to you! How COOL!!! :D:D:D:D

Ok, I’ll start aging in reverse like that Brad Pitt movie, and we’ll be the same age in no time! :=)
(Actually, I think we’re both kids at heart anyway! :slight_smile: )

Terry … You must be feeling that ride … looked rough and rocky. Cool video and great commitment.

Great video Terry. You have some great skills !! Those rocky sections looked quite gnarly, and you floated over them. Well done !!! :slight_smile:

Kool, Another good vid.

Just a suggestion, try and do as few hops as possible. Muni looks much smoother that way.

Oh yeah haha! I’m out again today for a 9 mile MUni, although it’s not as technical, it’s still a good 1,700 feet of climbing, and then a fun fast ride back down!:slight_smile:

Thanks. I hope to try Some other new MUni locales, like Whister (Canada) and Sedona in AZ. :smiley:

Thanks. Well, there is so much on that trail that must be negotiated with precision hops/gaps in order to get through it. When you come up against a rock sticking up out of the ground that’s too high/jagged to simply roll over, you must either hop over it, or go around it, which I would rather not do lol.

But yeah, I try to roll as much stuff as I can, buy I really like mixing it up with hops/gaps/drops and all that. But whatever hops are for a reason, not just to do them. I think it also adds to the variety and shows how difficult the terrain is.

A good example would be at 1:43 where ever little precision hop is for a reason and with no unnecessary or extra hops. I did do too many little hops when I got on that huge boulder; I wasn’t sure about dropping off it and as I was preparing to drop I was doing too many little hops, mostly out of nerves haha. :o

Looks like unfriendly rocks to fall on.
Thats my birthday, and I’m feeling pretty old, as I recover from spraining my neck, a cold, and the torn MCL.

:thinking: When is your b-day? And sorry to hear about your injuries and I hope you heal better than new asap!:slight_smile:

Great riding. My question is… how much did you weigh at the end of the ride? :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile: Well, the next morning I was only 141! I was 146 on the morning just before the ride. A lot of that loss was probably in the form of water from not re-hydrating enough after the ride. Now I’m about 144 so back to normal. :o

Great vid! I was just in Pine Valley yesterday, but for a hike, not muni. I was surprised how much snow was left after all the heat we’ve had.

That’s a fair amount of loss for someone your size. I’ll bet it would be worse if you had climbed up via the uni rather than the car.