Unicyling Examiner

‘To formally achieve a skill level a rider must pass a skill level exam with an authorized examiner. Examiners are authorized by the IUF, the USA or other connected unicycling organizations. If no authorized examiner is available, riders can send a video tape, with no edits per level, to an authorized examiner in their country, or to the IUF Skill Levels and Rules Committee. Videos must clearly show all the necessary details of each skill.’

I’m prett sure there isn’t an examiner near me…(& I live i the UK)…so where could I send a video? I wanna be an official level 1!

Have you looked at the Union of UK Unicyclists (UUU) site yet? www.unicycle.org.uk you will find there are UUU/IUF level testers in the UK. Level tests are on offer at each British Unicycle Convention, some clubs and some regional uni meets.

Give us some clues about WHERE in the UK you are and I may even be able to direct you to a localish tester.

I’m in Swindon, Wiltshire - you can see it on the map if you want.

I can’t make any convention/other things going on coz they’re too far away…

& I looked at the website but I can’t find where it lists examiners…?

Tell you what. If you say you can freemount, ride 50 metres or more, and dismount with the unicycle in front of you, I’m willing to believe you. How’s that sound? :slight_smile: The IUF doesn’t issue any certificates or anything. The USA does, however, and they’ll take your word for it up through Level 4:

Woo Hoo! I’m level 4 already! :smiley:


UUU doesn’t list testers on an open web site, people tend not to like having too much personal detail on line. BUT I maintain the list of testers & levels passed for the UUU. You are in a bit of a black hole of no uni clubs in swindon.

You will need to travel to a meet up of some kind if you want to do a test with a tester and get a certificate ( assuming you are a UUU member) if you pass. Your nearest testers for the early levels are in Bristol or Solihull. AT this point in time I am not aware of any UUU testers who accept video evidence.
If you are not bothered about certificates you can of course continue to use the levels to informally grade your riding ability.

E-mail me at the secretary address given on the UUU site if you have any more specific queries about UUU or UUU/IUF levels.

Thanks guys, you’ve all been really helpful :slight_smile: I’d love to go to a convention thing…so maybe one will be near enough sometime :smiley: Meanwhile, I’ll just have to encourage people in my area to get into unicycling :wink:

I hereby unofficially declare myself Level 1.




tsk, tsk. It is shocking - ney, appalling - how the august standards of this noble organization are being lowered! :stuck_out_tongue: