Unicylce Lingo

I am pretty new here still, and sometimes when reading post I get lost because of the abreveations or terms. So I was wondering if you guys could create a “master list” of the unicycle lingo

Thanks Russell

some lingo

Here is a post that may help a bit with the basics.

Theres plenty of said lists, just use the search feature to find them :slight_smile:

before you try to learn the “lingo” i might try to learn how to spell unicycle. just a thought though

the spelling looks correct to me

Mee Too…Not sue what he’s looking at… :thinking: :roll_eyes:
Anyways, I tried using the search button but didnt get any results.soo If someone would like to direct me then, that could be helpful too!

[Edit]Didn’t see the link above before! thank you!

the thread title

…nothing like a veteran making a newbie feel welcome.