Unicycle Terms and Definitions - For Newer Members

Parts of the Unicycle
Saddle - Seat
Seatpost - The tube that is attached to the saddle
Seatpost Clamp - The clamp that holds the seatpost at a certain height
Frame - The main section of the unicycle that holds it all together
Crown - The round or square place where the frame splits in two
Tire - Obviously the rubber “thing” on the wheel
Rim - The thing that is directly attached to the tire and spokes
Nipples - The tiny things that hold the spokes on the rim
Spokes - The 36 or 48 wire-like things that hold the wheel together
Hub - The cylindrical thing in the middle of the wheel that holds the spokes and cranks
Cranks - The arms that attach to the hub and hold the pedals
Square Taper - A type of hubs and cranks that are weaker than splined and have a square end
Splined - A type of hubs and cranks that have lots of splines that are stronger than square taper
[B]Bearings[B] - The round things that allow the wheel to roll
Bearing Holders - The clamp-like or lollipop-like devises on each bearing that holds the frame on
Lollipops - The less prefered weak bearing holders in the shape of a lollipop
Main Caps - The prefered, stronger bearing holders on each bearing in the shape of a clamp
Pedals - What you put your feet on

UPD - UnPlanned Dismount
29er - A 29 inch wheeled unicycle used for distance riding
Coker - A 36 inch wheeled unicycle for serious distance riding
Freestyle - A type of 20 inch unicycle and unicycle riding style that is like figure skating with a unicycle. It invlolves lots of skill and precision.
Trials - A very strong, large-tired type of 20 inch unicycle and style of unicycle riding that involves jumping, hopping, gapping, and dropping.
MUni - Short for Mountain Unicycling. It’s a type of very strong 24-29 inch unicycle with a strong body and big, knobby tire and a style of riding where you ride off road.
Distance - A type of unicycle that has a 26-36 inch wheel for going long distances.
Giraffe - A type of unicycle that has a chain and is usually very tall.
Street - A certain style of trials unicycling that is done more stylishly and is done in an urban enviroment.

By Tyler C.
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very nice good job…now i dont have to tell the newbies about this stuff…i just reffere them to your thread

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Usually done in an urban like enviroment.

And, to make it really clear, street is NOT the act of riding on a street.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound good…
here’s a more informative crank explainer

Here’s one you missed:
LBS- Local bike shop.


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UDC- Unicycle dot com
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You may want a list that defines all the tricks, too, but I’m too lazy to make one :wink:

What you forgot that theres not only 36 and 48 spoked rims but also my friend has a 68 spoked tire…(looks real cool when spinning),and like less for the 12’’ tires and all that bologna

wow i finally had a good idea. anyway, don’t forget about riding with SIB (Seat In Back) and SIF (Seat In Front).

ww-wheel walk
BC wheel-a free wheel with plates
UW-no frame or seat


trick naming convention

I’m glad someone asked about this… how to decifer the trick names

trick names