Unicyclists wanted for Princetown carnival (Devon, UK)

I’ve been approached to do some unicycling at Princetown carnival on Saturday 3rd September, and they’ve asked if I can find any more people to demo some tricks/trials or something and/or ride in the procession. The carnival is mostly just the afternoon, with the procession starting at 5pm for about 40mins. I’m probably going to ride about on my 20" (muni is probably a bit too quick?), possibly in a silly costume if I can be persuaded. They think it’s pretty impressive just riding about, but some freestyle/trials demo, or just more people for the procession, would be excellent.

If any of you may be up for it please PM me as soon as you can. It’s a bit short notice and they need to know quite quickly.




I’m busy that weekend, but have you tried Amanda, Matt, Bishop, Butty or any of the other Uffculme area unicyclists?

I can let them know you’re looking for parade/trials/freestyle uniists if you like.


Woohoo, a reason to use my trials uni for the second time this year! At this rate it’ll be worn out before I know it.


I would be there but unfortunately I am getting married that day.

You might also have problems with people going to Scarborough unicycle and juggling convention.

I was sort of hoping that a couple of them might be up for it, with them being good at trials and freestyle skills they should be able to amaze people (the people here think it’s pretty impressive when I just ride past on my muni).

I haven’t contacted them individually, I was hoping they would see this thread.

If you know them better than I do then by all means give them a prod for me, thanks.


Thanks for that. I’m not looking for a huge number of people, just a few who can do more interesting things than I can (I’m pretty hopeless at hopping, freestyle etc).

Woooooo, That’s my brithday!!! :->

I would come and join in too, but me and my girlfriend are going on holiday to Wollacombe Bay that day, and to drive through Princetown is just a little bit too far ‘out of the way’ than I would be prepared to travel.

Have fun anyway guys!


No problem Adam. Have a good birthday :sunglasses:

Now I know all the people who can’t make it, is there anybody else who can? :wink: Only joking!


erm, my parents are visting that weekend… i’d like to but probadly should find out if they want a trip to dartmoor. let you know nearer the day

i will come if i can get down there should be able to

Thanks for that everybody, I think that should be enough people now, so I can tell the organisers there will be a few of us with various skills. Thanks a lot - I’ll be in touch with you all later when I know what they want us to do.

It’s funny, when I mentioned I may be able to get hold of some more unicyclists their reaction was along the lines of “wow, you mean you’re not the only one?”

Rob :slight_smile:

i can defo come down alick nd manj r gonna come aswell see you down there o and manj says he could do a bit of diabolo if u want and i should say that he is quite good

Thanks butty. Looks like there’ll be seven or eight of us then :slight_smile:

Looks like you’re into trials, and I know Amanda and Matt are pretty good at freestyle-type skills, Phil and myself are more muni-orientated, so we should be able to demo a good range of stuff. I think I’m going to be persuaded to ride about on my 20" wearing a silly costume :roll_eyes: for most of the time. If any of you has a spare uni with a lowish seatpost that you don’t mind people trying out, please bring it along (mine’s a bit high for a lot of people).

Thanks, and I’ll be in touch in a couple of days with more details once I find out what they want us to do.


Thanks to those who volunteered to come along to the carnival next weekend. I’ve sent PMs to most of you, but in case I missed anybody, I’ve put some details up at http://www.northcotts.clara.net/carnival

Any questions please get in touch, otherwise see you there.


Bump. Last time, just to make sure all the relevant people have seen it.

Um, so dress code for the paprde is convict chic eh, I’ll have to see how much a paper boiler suit is and get busy with the magic marker. Wonder if i can rustle up some plastic chain as well.

Oh, and persadue my mum and dad they want to come along, but with a dog and pony show, Ram roast and coconut shy as well it should be easy to convince them on the location of an afternoon outing. I’ll happily sell raffle tickets.


And don’t forget to report back on how it went!

Hopefully someone will have a camera too, so you can post some pics!

ill try my best to come

That’s the type of thing I was thinking of - nothing fancy! I was wondering about linking us all together into a “chain gang”, but I think with the speed of the procession (not much more than a mile in forty minutes…) it would be pretty hard to keep everybody upright. We’d have to snake about and be very careful not to get tangled up.

It’ll be good to see you here if you can make it. Hope it’s not too wet if we’re wearing paper costumes :slight_smile: