Unicyclists Vs CHAVS

Quite often there is a group of chavs on bikes that shout abuse at me and then ride towards me until I move, which I do because their crazed look tells me they’re not going to move.
I usually give no response because all my ideas played out in my head ends up with my death.

My friend was unicycling back from mine once only at 7.30 and it was still light. There was a group of chavs which were drunk, they through a bottle at him and one of them hit in the head 3 times!
I’m pretty certain they’re only doing this because we’re riding unicycles.
What can I do?
Anything similar happened to you?

E… apart from wearing a helmet, and ducking? :frowning:

The idiots have us outnumbered, and they are breeding faster too. All you can do is avoid them.

Non-lethal solutions.

Looks like assault to me :frowning: Did your friend call the police?

Last night I was returning home on my 36er from a 10 mile commuter test run when a group of intoxicated youths spotted me riding on the road and started to charge towards me exclaiming, “Get him!”
I was near to the curb so I moved centrally to be protected by the cars behind me. They stopped the pursuit… God knows what I would have done if they tried it on :angry:

Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray. :slight_smile:

Or how about bear hunter pee spray? :smiley:

But yes, you could start with the legal angle. Are there police in your area? Let them know whenever this stuff happens. Don’t let those guys rule your neighborhood. Generally my solution is to not ride near/around people like that, but I own a car and have more choices of where to ride.

What’s a CHAV?
What’s going on there in the UK? ???
I can’t imagine the hostility and lawless aggression you seem to be describing. The worst I get is being ignored. For the most part I put a smile on faces.

The term chav stands for ‘Council House And Violent’.
A concise description of the class of person can be found with this link:

Ah yes, the Urban Dictionary: guaranteed to brighten up a few bored minutes.
Love some of the quotes under “chav”:

“hair short enough to burst balloons” spilled my coffee this morning.


My mate has become a chav what can i do? answer is shoot him before it is too late


Chavs unfortunately don’t yet fall into the category of rodent and in effect cannot be bludgeoned to death under the guise of pest control.

chav bashing
The act beating the sh*t out of a chav, a popular past time with the youth of England

Chav baiting
this is possibly the best idea i’ve ever come across, its like a sport, you find a herd of fresh chav scum, chase them, scare the living sht outta them and then, you beat the sht outta them and leave them there in a heap on the floor begging for daddy to save them. almost like genocide, but on the dogsh*t of our community.a general cadidate for communial sport of hte year!

In all cases of real genocide, it is justified by first viewing the victims as the scum of the community. I have friends whose families have been the victims of genocide. Not funny.

“Chav” used to refer to nouveau riche types - materialistic, flashy, with shallow tastes and given to vulgar displays of wealth. The sort of people who would wear heavy gold chains, not to look good, but because they want you to know they can afford heavy gold chains. They have plasma screen TVs the size of tennis courts, just to impress their friends. They idolise Posh and Becks, and chav men mistakenly believe Jordan to be sexy.

“Chav” is now used very differently: to describe the sort of youth who lives on a diet of McDonalds and KFC, is 7’12" tall, 3" wide, hunched over, sallow of complexion, and with an empty expression. He wears ill fitting sports gear and a hoody and baseball cap at the same time. She wears too-tight clothes, large hoop earings, and has her hair scraped back into the sort of ponytail that doubles as a facelift. They communicate with grunts and brays, and have no sense of personal space. They think Wayne Rooney is a bit posh.

They haven’t learned social skills, and as a result they are sometimes a danger to the rest of us, as well as to themselves. They are to be avoided and pitied at the same time.

The “Council House And Violence” acronym is a recent “explanation” for a pre-existing word.

Perhaps if we all fitted poorly suited Plastic body kits and neons to our Uni’s they would assume it was some strange form of Vauxhall Corsa.

I think these youth are spurred on by alcohol and with a lack of respect towards anyone. The law have no way of controlling them and I suspect that their parents often don’t know or care what they’re up to.

The worst part of it is, lots more of these chav types are being created in the back of pimped Fiat Puntos and the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

My policy is to just carry on pedalling, not get involved in any argument or discussion and carry your phone with you.

stun them into appreciation?
a group of about 10 once approached me with the typical “wheres the other wheel?” - (i had another unicycle with my so - “it used to be a tandem”)
anyhow, i do a bit of trials so jumped down a 4 set, (yes you guys could do that standing on your heads)
they where all stunned into silence, they came back later that day with all their friends too watch.

allthough i was once approached by a group of 6 while i was kayaking down a canal, they asked me to stop, obviously thinking it would be an easy fight the err…“ring-leader” squared up to me and asked if i’d hit him back if i hit him - to which i responded “i haven’t made my mind up yet” he then threw about 10 false punches - i never flinched, not once. i turned my head away and as i turned back he punched me across the face, i looked at him and said “that all you got?” he was quite confused that i wouldent obey him XD
at one point he was telling me to jump in the canal XD
eventually his friends got bored of him making empty threats and wandered off.

i think the way to deter them is to leave them wondering if you could beat them up, obviously this method takes alot of will power.

on the other hand - if im in a hurry i just smile and tell them my dads a policeman and i can ring him if they want me too, he is a policeman - but no- one has challenged it yet.

I had a water bottle thrown at me once from a vehicle. The guy who threw it yelled “fall”. If it had hit me it wouldn’t have even knocked me off the 36er. The bottle did land next to a mother and daughter that were getting into a car at the park that I was riding past.

I later learned that what he did is considered a felony since he threw something from a moving vehicle.

So in you area would throwing something from a bicycle on a public road be considered throwing something from a moving vehicle? Is a unicycle considered a vehicle there? Throwing something at a moving vehicle is taken very seriously such as throwing something off a bridge at a car.

Call the police.

At the risk of sounding old & grumpy. I completely agree.

“First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

-Martin Niemöller

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You just scared the dyalights out of me.
And it’s only 07h52 over here.