Unicyclists In Ireland (Including North)

I expected to find a thred along these lines but did not so i decided to make one.

Are there any unicyclists from Ireland including N. Ireland on the forums (I cant imagine me being the only one :roll_eyes: ).

What area do you live/ unicycle in and what is your skill level (What are you capable of doing).

Just had the feeling to check to make sure im not alone:)

I live in South Armagh and unicycle around the mall in armagh city about once every two weeks.

How about you?

Well, I don’t live in Ireland anymore… Canada for ten years. I have a lot of family in Bellaghy though, not that they unicycle. My brother has plans to go to that area next summer and he might bring his wheel.

there is someone here in Ireland. Is it Kokomo? Its something like that I’m sure.

I just did a search to try and find unicyclists in Ireland and guess what, I think it´s just you and I. So far.

Guess what, I go to Armagh college. I suppose that makes three of us now
Just started unicycling though…

My God, Three! It´s Taking Over, becoming a Cult! Someone inform the Authorities, quick, before we can Freemount and go do all kinds of Unexpected Stuff!:wink:

I live in Armagh, well just outside.
Do you live in Armagh itself??
Have you seen me along the mall??
Whoo 3 unicyclists in a year…we are slowly taking

Sancho, where abouts are you located??

I’m in Armagh everyday but I live in Dungannon.
I’ve never seen you! To be honest I was shocked when I first read your post, just couldn’t believe it :astonished:
5 more years and we’ll have enough people to form a club.:smiley:

The turbulent voyage through Life has cast me up on the shores of Bray. South of Dublin, a seaside town where cannibalism and the use of flint tools has only recently been abandoned. I was the only pedicab-rider in town. Now I´m the only unicyclist too.

We might have to put the pedicab club on hold…:smiley:

LOL! Maybe I could uproot the family and emigrate to the North. Armagh is beautiful and they have proper roads there. Half the population here does their shopping there anyway. BTW, Camroc, your avatar shows a nice unicycle with a really big wheel…forgive my ignorance, but what is it? I only started about 4 weeks ago and haven´t had much practice, but have learned enough to realise that the 20" Raleigh Unicycle I got is all wrong. for what I want (basically, unicycling around on footpaths and roads, no funny stuff)…it´s like trying to cycle downhill in first gear on a racing bike…my legs fly around but I don´t seem to go anywhere. Today I ordered a 24" model on fleabay, but yours looks like a full-size bike-wheel…can you tell me the model and where you got it?

Looks to me like a Kris Holm with a 36" wheel. You can get it from Unicycle.co.uk, here’s the link for it

Lots of unicyclists in Ireland!!

Have a look at www.emeraldcircus.com

There’ll be plenty of unis at the Galway Juggling Convention weekend of May 30th.

Unicycling in Ireland:


Thanks for the link, Monteiro! (I know that one day I´m gonna have to get me one of those…)

Stephen…brilliant! Great vid, you make that freemounting look so easy, damn your eyes…so that´s the problem, all the Irish Unicyclists are hiding in Galway and Cork to escape the beady little eyes of the Dublin Authorities…

I know brey quite well, i used to have family there. Used to love visiting the aquerium (wrong spelling no doubt)

Sorry, I thought i had posted that link to emeraldcircus last night.

Check the link below to see some pics i took last week. Only hoping steps and some wall riding. i also have a pic of me jumping of some pallets, i’ll look for it now and post in the pictures of your latest ride thread.

I met a few unicyclists at DJC. Sancho, there is a meet up in merrion square every week (i think) which you may be interested in. More info is available from emerald circus. Although this is a circus perforemance meet up (juggling, etc). I’ve been once or twice and never saw another unicyclist at it. But as i say i dont go each week.

I personally wouldn’t say lots of unicyclists but a group of people who know how to unicycle :slight_smile: Not a difference but anyway.

The uni is a KH36 bought from unicycle.uk.com. It was well worth the money. Highy reccommended. So much easier for a distance ride than a 24"

Also, i’ll be heading to SPWC in Merion Square (Street Performance World Championships) at the end of June. Unfortuneatly i wnt be there for the first day but no doubt it will be good craic. DJC was one of the best weekends ive had. I went on my own and knew nobody. Twas epic. Cant wait to see them again in June.

Monteir0, i’m from Middletown (right on the border), i hope to be in the city for the apple blossom festival. I go to school in keady so im not often in the city. If you don’t mind me asking, what year are you in. I myself am A-levels:(

Thanks, Camrocl, great info to chase up! I heard today that there was a young guy on Dún Laoghaire Pier, about 10km north of here, jumping up and down the walls and doing tricks on a unicycle!!! Who is this Unicycling Man of Mystery??? I´ll check out Merrion Square, and will almost certainly one day buy a 36" like yours.

Camrocl, first of all respect to you, that looks the coolest thing I´ve seen in years, unicycling freestyle in a school uniform! I bet you have to fight the ladies off. The students I teach aren´t half as cool…I notice that your saddle height is quite low…I´ve been a cyclist all my life and am inclined to keep my uni-saddle height as high, so that my leg is almost straight when extended. Yours is much, much lower. Does this make freemounting and stuff easier? (I´m going to defer buying a 36" until I can freemount and idle-on-the-spot…best not to terrorise the general public in Bray, the most unusual thing they´ve ever seen is the aquarium…:))

Yea the 36er is great. I average speeds of 17km/h and my max was 24.5km/h. I live out i the middle of nowhere with some great hills. I could reach faster downhill speeds of i wasnt scared of falling.

I cant actually freemount my 36er…i’ve never properly tried. I cant idel it either, i tried it once and almost fell of backward and havn’t tried since.

For doing tricks, i find it easier to have the seat lower down, this really helps for uni spins and freemounting.

Heres hoping you find out who this mystery unicyclist was:)

Same here, I’m doing my last A-Level year and moving to Scotland by September.
Cool pics, looks like you go to St. Pats :smiley: