Unicyclist on Sixty Minutes (Australia)

I was watching 60 minutes the other night, and to my supprise I saw this on the screen. Thankfully I had the show recored. :slight_smile:

Its corunulla beach in Sydney.

The story was about modern teenage girls in comparison to what they were like in the sixties. Hence the 3 ladies walking past.

It was a short scene where the rider rode up to the fence, held it for support, turned around and rode back.

the guy probably just wanted to get on TV / perv on the girls

its still pretty random though.

Maybe the cameraman is a unicyclist and decided to film it as part of 60 minutes or something. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

everyone was telling me about that guy. i must have looked away just as he came on. rofl btw.

yes!!! touchdown!!! score!!! super!!! i am pumped, and excited that a unicyclist has been included in television as just another ordinary member of the public, and the scene was not re shot to keep him out of it, that is a plus for our future.

see he is setting the example by not wearing a helmet aswell, good on him!! white caps are all the rage.

There is not a single thing wrong with that photo.

Fantastic. I wonder who it is :open_mouth:

Well spotted,


That’s just the way all women want to look on TV. :slight_smile:

What example would that be? Not that I’m promoting mandatory helmets, or saying he needs one for the sidewalk. But at the same time I’m not promoting the indestructability of youth. With more and more people doing dangerous extreme riding, there are more and more reports of injury and bone breakage. No head-bones yet, but it’s only a matter of time…

It was recorded in HD but im not sure why when the program took a snapshot it stretched it like that.

I can try to get a small clip of it if anyone wants to look. I just need to work out how to convert / edit .tp files.

I didn’t even pick up on the no helmet till you mentioned it. I was too busy being shocked seeing a unicyclist in the background of a serious story.

The thing is, the scene just looked natural and nothing out of the ordinary. I wasn’t sure if it was because im used to seeing unicyclist in videos. I think it would have stood out more if the kid was doing some tricks, spins / hops etc. But then again, they would probably have reshot the scene.

yer thats what i think is cool, the producers just just saw it as usual almost and didnt make a fuss, like if a bike is in the background then nobody cares as it is the norm, and with this we can see that unicycling is almost becoming the norm…

yes i do see that helmets are good and i feel safer doing some things with one on, but i very very rarely wear one, and i surpose i just like to see a rebel or be a minor rebel myself.

yeah, having your mom spoon feed you when you are thirty is a great way to rebel:D