Unicyclist on Oakley's

Was browsing the site because I’m thinking of getting a pair of shades

Check this out:


Oakley is an awesome company.

Cool, another deaf unicyclist! My niece Alexa can ride too.

I found a pair of Oakley sunglasses sitting on the roof of my car. I want to sell them on eBay. Anyone know how I can verify their authenticity?

Sorry for the threadjack…

Thats funny I’ve never seen her ride her unicycle out at any of the nationals. Maybe shes not that good? She is fast on her bike though.

shoot them.

If the lens doesn’t break, they are real.

My day-to-day Rx glasses are Oakley. They have been abused and still hold up great.

Amazing gal!

I bet she likes unicycles over bicycles because she can carry on a conversation while riding.