Unicyclist needed for Los Angeles TV show

Hi Everyone,

Here we go again. Hollywood needs us! Below is a request for a someone looking for a unicyclist. Only requirements seem to be someone with personality and skill.

I contacted her about the date. She is looking into it and will get back to me. Contact info is at the bottom of the email.

Have fun!

Rod Wylie

I am looking for a unicyclist to appear on Godfrey Live in Los Angeles. Do you know of anyone? Are you a unicyclist? We’re looking for someone with personality and skill. THere is pay.
Please let me know either way.”
Maryam Henein
Writer/Producer/All-around Raconteur

maryamhenein (att) hotmail (dott) com

Already left a phone message!:smiley:

“someone with personality and skill”, Sounds like you’d be great for that Terry.

Ah, the magic words: “There is pay.”

Well, not too magic; it’s $100 for a whole day’s work!

But is unicycling really work?

Although I’d probably ask for more money.

Good point! I told the lady (who called me last night) that the money is no big deal or an issue for me (it’s not) and that I would do it simply for the fun of it, and hopefully it would also be great publicity for out sport!:slight_smile:

That really is not bad even if it was a twelve hour day which im sure its not, it would be 8.33 an hour for unicycling.

Plus you get to be on Tv :smiley:

Being on TV is overrated.

I once thought being on TV would be cool, but lunging wildly at the Pope really didn’t bring in the offers I thought it would.

Thats a bummer I was going to try that next time the president came around.

Lol, well i know its not great being on TV… But its still an accomplishment :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont watch tv so i wouldnt see it anyway. haha

Let us know what happens with this. It will be fun to watch.

Terry, so your the one the girl was telling me about lol. Well this sounds prett cool, but wow only 100 a day, you make that doing extra work in a regualr show

LoL, that reminds me of the old SNL Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy…something like…

“If I were going to give the president a present, it would be a chocolate gun, but since he’s really busy, I’d run up to him really fast with it…”

Please keep us posted on the show, I’d love to catch that footage when it comes out!

Haha, what girl? What did she say?:stuck_out_tongue:

Please try not to do that next time. If they know there are unicyclists with “skill and personality” out there who will work for free, it kind of ruins the market (okay, potential for a market) for unicyclists who can’t afford to give up a day for free. The level of publicity for the sport is the same either way.

That said, if you’re the one they hire good luck, and have a great time with it!

If I lived in the LA area I’d like to hope I could do some of those gigs. Not much call for it up here…

Turns out that she is simply a “representative” who makes the intial contacts. I only mentioned the pay thing in passing. She replied that the pay is set and that my not caring about the compensation amount would have no impact on the producer’s decision. The Lady I spoke with is not in a position to make any hiring decisions.

Nah, non-union extra work pays $60 for 8h. Union is $125 for 8h.

A regular Union show with a union actor a skill like Unicycling as an extra should pay about $200 for 8h, but that’s union, and that’s if the show isn’t trying to be cheap.

Being that I’ve never heard of Godfrey Live, I’m assuming it’s a fairly low budget show.