Unicyclist in World record book

Today at school I checked out Guiness book of world records 2006, and on the peice of paper (kinda glued) to the back of the book cover had a bunch of pictures and one of them was a unicyclist… I think he was on like a black 29" and a shirt with a (bear?) on a unicycle .

I looked around in the book and I couldnt find the record or anymore pictures :frowning: Does anyone know who that was and what the record was for?

Thanks :smiley:

I think he got the record for being the first unicyclist in the Guiness book of records.

:stuck_out_tongue: lol

I was suspected of being this unicyclist because I own such a T-shirt.
but, though I drink galons of Guinness I doubt the company will sponsor me :smiley:
moreover my 29er is not black (…) and I am probably twice the age of the guy. so mystery … who else has a t-Shirt with Bongo the bear?

In the 2007 version, many unicyclist made the world record book. Two that I can remeber was tallest giraffe unicycle ridden with harnass, it was around 114 ft. And heighest acid drop, which was about 9ft.

Guinness releases different versions of the book in different countries. What country was it for?

If you really want to identify the picture, scan it and post it. What records were listed in the 2006 book?

Its the US, and I cant scan a picture :frowning:

Im not sure if the uni is black though, because in the picture it looks like its nighttime :smiley:

And also the guy was wearing blue biking shorts

9 ft thats it?

i couldn’t do it but im sure someone could go higher

Ive never tried dropping in, but i think 9 ft would be pretty hard :smiley:

acid drops and dropping in are 2 completely different things. i would love to see someone ATTEMPT to do a 9 foot acid drop…

It might of been Ken Looi

What is an Acid Drop?

The title says it all, “What is an Acid Drop?”

That was me wasn’t it? :smiley:

I’m pretty sure that was Alex Toms who did the highest drop. It was 2.5 metres. He also did the longest handrail grind, I think it was about 13 stairs. This was all a few years ago. it has been beaten though. pretty sure Mike Clark. I wonder where he’s gone. haven’t seen much of the crankflip inventor.

I think is when you stand on an object with your feet, holding the uni in front of you, jump off, catch the pedals in the air and land with the uni.

I’m not too sure, though, someone please confirm(or reject).

Chances are high you are talking about the same photo mentioned in this thread:

In which case the following info about the record and rider in the photo may be of interest to you.

Longest Backward Unicycle
Steve Gordon (USA) rode a unicycle backward for 68 miles at Southwestern Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, USA, on June 24, 1999.

Ya! Thats exactly it :smiley:

Wow 68 miles backwards is alot!!
Thanks for finding that thread :stuck_out_tongue:

This is from the Guinness Book 2001.

I scanned these myself yesterday while my ISP was ripping me off because I actually use my internet.

Wow, Steve must have been an early adopter of the airfoil rim. When did they come out? People didn’t start getting their hands on the first Cokers until late 1998. But it definitely looks like an airfoil.

The bear on the front of his shirt is from the book Bears On Wheels, a Bright and Early book though not authored by Dr. Seuss. The shirt was probably home/hand-made, as I’ve never seen one before.

Maybe he had the rim custom made?