Unicyclist and Unicycle of the Year!!! Nominate Now!!!

I was just thinking, maybe we should have have a big vote of the best unicycle (one that can be purchased and maybe a category for custom unicycles as well) and for the best unicyclist of the year. Everyone could nominate people and unicycles for the categories, and then someone could set up like a big poll for each of the categories!!! I reckon that it would be really fun and then it would help people to know what everyone thinks is the best unicycle ever (well for 2003 anyway)…

Make your nominations now, and any ideas that could make this work better!!!

Thanks, BJ

Thats is a good thing,
My Favorite Unicyclist: Kris Holm
My Favorite Unicycle: KH 20 inch Trial ( I’am still waighting for this one. It has been payd friday.


favorite unicyclist: me
favorite unicycle: any avenir or savage

Favorite Unicyclists: The Norwegian Unicycle Tourists (NUTs)

Favorite Unicycles: All the great custom Coker 36" enhancements that are starting to happen as a result of the NUTs and other hardcore distance riders. This year for Cokers is like 2000-2001 was for Munis; big advances happening everywhere.

This is pointless but if you’re going to go through with it at least make sure you seperate best unicyclists and unicycles into categories. So far we’d have a trials unicycle up against a coker… just doesn’t work.

I mean no offense by the way, I just don’t see the need to pick favorites or valuate who’s “best”.

Favourite Muni rider- Kris Holm

Fave Trials rider- …Dan Heaton? KH? Actually that Ryan guy (sorry I don’t know his last name!) who can jump helluva high seems to have the street riding down at the minute- you know the man I mean!

I really like my trials uni which consists of:
Yellow, grey and black KH saddle
Nimbus 2003 frame (Chrome)
Alex 19" rim
Luna Tyre
Onza hub and 140mm cranks
Yellow wellgo pedals
Anti-twist seat post-

I’ll post pics as soon as I can so I can get some feedback on what everyone else thinks! Some bits will be replaced in due course tho!

I’ll say nothing about who’s the best rider or which is the best unicycle, but I want to say that Anti-twist seat post takes my vote for the part of the year. Atleast mine works extremely well even with a quick-release clamp. Even today the uni took some serious bashing but I didn’t have to adjust the saddle even once.

Favorite Municyclist: Kris Holm
Favorite Trials cyclist: Ryan Atkins

Favorite unicycle: I’ve only tried a KH20 trials uni and a crappy five dollar savage, so I don’t think I’ll vote in this category.

I Give In

Okay, I give in. But I’m going to nominate my favorite unicyclists that I met this year because they might not get on here with the current names being generated, and the best unicycle of the year is OBVIOUSLY my KH20 I’ve had since it came out.

Unicycle of the year '03 - Zach’s KH20 for not breaking under intense use.

Extreme Unicyclist of the year '03 - Mike Middleton for blowing me away with crazy riding I didn’t expect.

Extreme Unicyclist of the year '03 Second Place - Bruce Bundy, if you’ve seen this guy ride you don’t need to know why.

Trials Unicyclist of the year '03 - Kris Hellen for attempting crazy stuff for my video and riding just as well as me, and a lot of the time better then me, with a major handicap, and no pads besides a helmet.

Trials Unicyclist of the year '03 Second Place - Dan Heaton for being even more inspiring in person then in his videos.

Trials Unicyclist of the year '03 Third Place - Bevan Gerber-Siff for being half my size and owning my a** at trials. (and also for patiently helping me get better)

Mountain Unicyclist of the year '03 - Nathan Hoover for all around “being awesome-itude”.

Mountain Unicyclist of the year '03 Second Place - Jess Riegel for riding the trails with me on 20 inchers when everyone was ahead on 24’s.

Those are my picks. If people are going to nominate guys then these are mine for sure, and they deserve to be up there.

Re: Unicyclist and Unicycle of the Year!!! Nominate Now!!!

My Favourite muni rider would have to be Beau Hoover, that kid rocks.


He almost tied with Nathan. :smiley:

my fav unicyclist has to be phil he may not be as good as kh or dan heaton but he is loads of fun to ride with i think he pushes me to ride better and better he has also helped me with my trials.i also like riding with the butchers at seaton uni club they do seem to push me to get better i also like sarah miller and paul because i have had loads of fun muning with them but i do not see them as much a phil so they again have not helped me as much with my unicycling.
fav uni has to be a fleet mini giraffei love that little thing/ kh 24" muni i want one sooooooooo bad but a nimbus 24" would do where is that christmas list i’m sending to santa

…Hey wait a minute, do I have to send out trophies? Or at least Pizzas? Or… pizza-trophies?

Sorry. Will run my response through the thread police next time to make sure I don’t blow the categorization for everyone. Would hate to see things get too confusing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but when was the last time you tried to match up a trials uni against a coker? Huh? Huh? That’s what I thought. I do my part…

…Even if 80% of the time that means sorting out the chaos that I created.

I thought Cokers were trials unis. :thinking:

My vote for favorite unicylist would be either: Bruce Edwards (Unicycle Uni-Versity) or Tommy Thompson (MUC) for their work in advancing unicycling and what they’ve done for kids. Many came before them (which I’m sure they’ll happily grant) but of late, they are da men.

My favorite unicycle had better be the new 48 spoke Yuni 20" Freestyle with Hookworm I’m getting later today (unless I’ve already missed the delivery in which case I’ll have to wait until Wednesday cause I know I’m going to miss it tomorrow.)

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Shh! I know, but Tom doesn’t… YET, thanks to you! :roll_eyes:

Way to blow my plan Dave.

Er… sorry grovels

My vote for my most favourite rider goes to Jason’s son, “King MUni Man”.

And my most favourite uni has got to be my “Gazelle”, the mellow yellow 29’er with the Kenda Kwest road tire that rides like the wind. (Thanks for tempting me into getting this nimble road uni Darren! :smiley: )