Unicycling Vocab Change

With more publicity of our sport many bikers see us and are like wow you did a great Bunny hop. Where as we call it a Rolling hop. I sujest that we phase out Rolling hop and some other terms for ones that cross over to the bike industry. Lets face it they have way more riders than we do and they sure as hell dont want to explane our terms to them any more.

My suggested change include
** Rolling hop -Bunny hop

Rolling Unispin - Pop Shove it (Skater Roots)

Static hop to the front To Pedal Kick

Static Hop to the side - Side hop (already uses by alot of us)

What do you guys think? If you have other sugestions I would like to hear them too.

i agree. I find the names kind of lame, and i always have to explin what i mean when i’m explaining things. and then when people say “nice bunnyhop” i can’t stop thinking, “that’s isn’t what it’s called”.

Anyways,i think unispins in general should be called “spins” or like “360 spin”
that’s all i can think of now, but i’m sure more will come.


I personally am one who disagrees with this train of thought. Yes, there are more skaters and bikers out there. But why should we have to change to make them happy? They started with nothing to base the names of their moves on. We did the same. Call them what you will when you’re around people with “other hobbies.” While we’re in unicycling circles (pun intended), I like the names we’ve got. Besides, I always thought uni terms were more descriptive than most skating terms.

Yeah, let’s change the names of our moves! And while, we’re at it, let’s add handlebars, and an extra wheel to the unicycles!
I definitely agree with Paco. We shouldn’t change the names just to be the same as everyone else. I mean, we ride unicycles so we WON’T be like everyone else! Well, some people do anyway.

Re: Unicycling Vocab Change

I suggested this idea a year ago (and I was probably not the first), but
my thinking was a bit different. To me, there IS a certain coolness about
having your own lingo, but much more important is that some of our terms
(“riding backwards one footed”) could be replaced by shorter terms which
still illustrate the idea (“toofeno” in this case, which makes sense if
you read backwards).

David “Still working on toofeno” Stone

Lets also be as unoriginal with our names as possible. Oh wait we allready do that. I dont think I know 1 unicycle trick name that isnt a direct description of what the trick is. How Lame is that. (I’ve just been informed that Koosh Koosh 1 original trick name so I now change that number to 2 )

You think people that do somehting as original as unicycling would take the time to be a little creative when it comes to naming thier tricks.

My suggestion really isnt original but at least it wont be as dull and other people will still know what we are talking about.


theres 3

1)Koosh Koosh

lets make some more…

OH WAIT!!! Number 4) Gliding

Um, yeah. But maybe we should just throw out the koosh-koosh. That trick sucks. I wouldn’t even attempt that trick out of fear of embarassing myself. That’s just me, though.


What is a BUni?
I thought that the vocab thread might be a good place to ask.

As for the question at hand, I think we could be more original with the names. And I don’t think that borrowing names from other sports is very original. I think that a name for a particular skill can be both a description and original, ie suicide mount.

BTW, whats a Koosh Koosh?


What’s a “Toofeno”?

I would not change the names of the skills. Unicycling has its own language. We should make our way by ourself and not copy things. I wanna stay origninal.
And some names did not make sense in unicycling. For example a pedal kick is really the wrong word. You do not even move the pedals and cranks if you do a static hop to the front


Moritz Hahn

Ruhrpott Unitrials

a pedal kick is different from just a forwards hop, you can do proper pedal kicks on a unicycle too.

A bunny hop on a bike can mean anything from a hop on the spot, to a riding hop, to a side hop, that’s why trials riders have different names for hops. Where they make sense most people use bike trials / bmx / skater names anyway, eg. side hop, pedal kick, grind, pedal grab, tabletop, foot plant.

As far as spins go, it seems dumb to call a 360 unispin a “360 spin” because you’ve then got a dilemma about what to call a 360 spin, where you stay on the unicycle and spin it round whilst riding, or a 360 hop spin, where you jump and spin 360 degrees with the unicycle, or if you jump and do a 360 spin, is that a 360 unispin or a 360 on the unicycle?

Other than that, it seems to me, most of the moves with boring names are things that are dull to watch, one footing, wheel walk etc. Giving them cool names isn’t going to make them suddenly cool. The only reason unispins have a slightly dumb name is because someone sneaked a cool looking (as opposed to just difficult) move into the 10 skill levels.

I reckon if you invent a new move or combo then give it a name and see if it sticks, but just trying to say “these are the names you should use” to everyone out there for tricks they’re already doing is a waste of time.

Toofeno is a perfect example of why trying to prescribe names is pointless, if you meet up with other unicyclists they don’t know what you’re talking about, even if they can do the trick.


i’ve made this point in the past and i’ll make it again
a ‘lingo’ either develops organically or it doesn’t at all
trying to say ‘let’s get together and think up kewl names’
is right up there with trying to give yourself a nickname in primary school

can anyone here remember when unicyclists didn’t make mention of an UPD?
that term is the perfect example of how something that fits will become an indelible part of the language
and yet i think dave’s first mention of the UPD was less than 18 months ago (cue klaas to confirm)

by all means, keep the thinking caps on when u write on this forum and need to call a trick something
keep talking about what tricks are called
but accept that a language develops in it’s own strange way and trying to force it is not going to work

as for toofeno?
u can esrarouyputievohs


(kidding, i actually like toofeno and hope it catches on)

yeah,i bet its just you…

ah? did you read the thread?

Master quik poster A_C

ok, i’ll ask
what is koosh-koosh?

Ah…I see. Don’t mind me, I just returned from a 24hr.

ok, i’ll be the third to ask… whats a koosh koosh?!?

koosh koosh is a form of backwards wheel walking where one foot is behind the frame pushing backward and the other foot is in front resting on the tire. it’s called koosh koosh cus thats the sound it makes every time you push :smiley:

also on the subject i think unispins should be called “180 spins” or “360 spins” and normal spins where you turn with the unicycle should just be called 180s or 360s. unispins is a lame name and i often feel stupid talking to bikers about them. but as for the other tricks i think they sound impressive enough such as backwars one footed- self explanetory.