Unicycling Photographer

My friend is a photographer and he likes to take pictures of unicycling. check it out


So do I. I have too many.

Your friend’s photo gallery is beautiful, with nice transitions. But it gets a little old after a while, waiting for the “frame” for each new picture to draw itself before you see the picture. I need to make a viewer like that (only faster)…


Thanks Otherspiderman for the great photo gallery, and thanks John Foss for initiating the wasting of an entire hour perusing years of coker photos. I really wish I had gone to Lake Tahoe when I was so near it last summer.

Whoa! I just randomly clicked on that only to see my best riding buddy in a lot of shots! Ryan Henning, he goes to Baylor. That’s awesome.

lol, just saw the picture of the shirt I made on there:

lol cool shirt.

Its lightbox, it’s a free js based gallery script that you can download from this lightbox link you might be able to change that in the script if you take a look at it.