unicycling on a trampoline?

I’m wondering if anyone has unicycled on a trampoine… and how hard was it?..what kind of tricks can u do on one?.. and if anyone has a video of it

Ive seen one video of a guy doing it on a trampoline, he was almost doing backflips, but would land on his back and then flip over to be back on the wheel, it was cool.

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damn it, no I didn’t

i have thought about it but haven’t ever seen it

i have done it… its not too fun… i just got on and after about 3 tries i was ablie to jump on it. it is SO hard to ride on a tramp, but jumping is easier. after you jump on tramp your jumps seem so small after on the ground.

I do it all the time. I can do 360s jumping on and off. I love it. Although falling off can some times hurt :roll_eyes:

i have on a mini trampoline though, it was actually pretty easy and fun

there is a pic somewhere out there of a guy one handedly bouncing on a tramp while on a unicycle

some of us went on a ride in exeter ages ago and Phil bunny hopped on a trampoline and went really high :stuck_out_tongue: it looked funny but fun

I’ve done it, but you shuld do it carefully, your pedals can hurt the trampoline. (Scratch holes in it). I didn’t do any 3x, the hopping was har enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Definitely pinned pedals would be a bad idea, unless you actually own the trampoline. The gymnastics-type tramp in this picture seemed entirely impossible to “ride” on, as the wheel couldn’t be turned to the left or right at all. Like riding a grippy tire on ground made of even grippier tire. Hopping was not a big problem.

I learned to hop using a tumbling floor, but the trampolines at my gym are too expensive to be “ridden” on.

There is a clip of someone doing this in the hidden section of universe 2, it’s pretty cool. I haven’t done it but I have wanted to.