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I was wondering how many people have been paid to unicycle (whether it be in a parade at an outdoor event or whatever), or are currently being paid to unicycle. My dad told me he met a unicyclist last year that got paid to ride at Navy Pier in Chicago. I would love to unicycle as a summer job. So tell me how those of you that have been in parades and such got the job. I don’t know how I’d go about contacting people or places that put on parades.

I got paid real well to teach the unicycle part of a circus arts class. It was mostly kids that i taught and it was sooo much fun! And the kids learn so fast it will blow your mind!

I’ve only been paid twice that I can remember. I’ve had three other offers which I didn’t take up though. Once a clown wanted me to be part of some performance, and reckoned there would be good money in it. He gave me his card and I forgot to call him back. Another time a guy wanted me to be a part of some event for a radio-station, and reckoned he would pay me in food, clothes, money and alcohol. I couldn’t be bothered finding his office to talk further with him cos I didn’t want any commitments. Another time someone wanted me in a parade but I slept in that day and forgot about it, they would have paid me a BBQ feed apparently.

My father was contacted by Spotswood Primary school a few years ago, he is a teacher at Spotswood College (High school). He told me they wanted me to go to their ‘Wheel day’ that they had planned. It was a gathering of cyclists -heaps of primary school students on their wheels. I went along on my Giraffe as requested. The children seemed to enjoy it, I just rode around with them a bit, nothing too fancy. I didn’t expect to be paid but the woman who invited me insisted to give me a $25 petrol (gas) voucher. I gave it to my dad since I sometimes use his car, and my Unicycle isn’t internal combustion. After wheel day I have seen quite a few of the kids around who have recognised me. Down at the BMX track and in town a while ago, and recently my friend’s neighbor’s kids recognised me from Wheel day, after I had almost forgotten it ever happened.

The other time, I was riding my old 24" along the side of the motorway (it’s only three lanes…not a big one) on the way back from Waiwakaiho, and this crazy guy called Darryl pulled over in his wagon. He told me how he is the organiser of the Burnout competition and he wanted me to go along and ride my Unicycle there. I went along with a friend, and we got to stand real close to the burnout pad, getting a better view of the action than most people who payed to see. After the concrete pad was totally caked with rubber, they sent a tractor with a rotating brush thing to sweep the concrete clean. I went on the pad at the same time as the tractor, chasing it around and doing pirouettes (trying to do burnouts). It was out of it because of all the rubber marbles from the cars, making for a slippery surface to spin on. After some more cars did some burnouts I did a couple of laps around the speedway (dirt) track upon Darryl’s request. It was quite fun I guess, and Darryl paid me $25, which was half of what he had said he’d give me.

Lots of people tell me I should go join a circus or something, but I don’t want to. I ride for myself, and if other people enjoy seeing me then that is a coincidence, and I don’t demand money for it. I don’t want to combine recreation with work, unless Tony Melton wants to give me a job testing his Coker.

Our club does a few paid shows a year.

So far our parades have been gratis but hopefully next year we’ll tap into some of that pot too.

I got paid to teach kids unicycling and to put on a show every now and then this summer. Pay wasnt great but it sure was cool to be in Cali all summer doing something you love.


The Memphis Unicycle Club has been paid to do events for gatherings - generally $100 a performance. I’m currently working on getting funding to present unicycling camps through the Memphis Parks and Rec’s summer community center program. There is a local foundation that is throwing some grant money at how unhealthy the kids are in our community. We have received some great press in our efforts in youth development and I’m excited about the possibility to share my passion with kids throughout our community - and get paid!

Street Perfomer! Pay isn’t always great, and it requires an iron resolve, but if it’s your dream, you just gotta do it! (at least until circus school auditions) :wink:

I got paid £100 to have my picture taken, which didn’t seem bad for 2 hours on a Saturday morning.


I used to be in the Junior Magic Circle (UK), but when I started unicycling, i gave up the magic, but still had some contacts in the circle.

I was asked to perform as part of a gala show for the Order of the Magi, and also the gala show for the Magic Circles anual presidents dinner.

I got paid £150 for each, which I bought my digital camera out of! :smiley:

Unicycling is great, unicycling for money is better! :stuck_out_tongue:


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joemarshall wrote:
> I got paid £100 to have my picture taken, which didn’t seem bad for 2
> hours on a Saturday morning.

If that was the AA thing, I want my 25%. :wink:


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Somethimes I give a show with juggling and unicycling. But a few weeks ago I had to cycle on my giraf and give a person a beer. It was on a congres at Airport Schiphol, Netherlands. Thats was a big deal. I earnd 80 euros, so thats almost 90 dollar. And I’am just 16.


I’ll steal Tommy’s thunder here.

He’s presently trying to get a group together for this Saturday night. He says we’ll get free hotdogs.

Does that count?

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Oh forgot we are given a donation when we do one parade.
Barb K.

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Most of the “jobs” the Panther Pride Unicycle Team do are basketball
half-times. All of the places give comp tickets to the riders and discounted
tickets for their families. One college gives comp tickets to everyone. When we
do shows for schools, they pay our bus transportation costs.
Barb K.

This summer my brother and I gave kids unicycling lessons. It was really fun because the kids learned fast. We charged 10 for an hour lesson and are planning on giving lessons again next summer.

What a rip off! Anyone can learn to ride themselves without being taught, provided with a Unicycle. For the price of learning at that rate, the Kids could have brand new unicycles by the time they’ve learned to ride. You must be telling these people some really good learning secrets other than “lean forwards and pedal” for them to be getting their moneys worth. You should try teaching people for free, it’s not that much of a hassle.

I think if you’re actually bothering to hang around for a whole hour and tell people how to ride, that’s likely to make them learn much quicker and have a better learning process, I reckon that’s worth some money. It’s all very well saying teach everyone for free, but given you’re giving up the time you could have spent doing a different summer job, it’s only fair to do it for money.

Okay, lots of us give hints and tips to people for nothing, and maybe watch what someone is doing and what they’re doing wrong every so often, but unless you’re actually going to spend several whole hours with the people you’re teaching for free, then the people paying are getting better teaching.

It’s the same as anything else, anyone can learn the piano without teaching, you can learn to swim without teaching. It’s just loads quicker if you do get teaching, which makes it much more fun. Also, if your parents are paying for you to do lessons, there’s more impetus for you to get round to practicing and generally put in some effort, so I’d guess it’d be less likely that their unicycles get left in the shed once they have learnt.


and i assume that you are letting the kids use your unicycle, a rental charge, so to speak

That doesn’t sound like a very good job. If people want to pay for lessons, I won’t stop them! That said, I’ve very rarely done any kind of paid lessons.

In the early 90s I talked my way out of teaching Levar Burton to ride for the Reading Rainbow show. They asked if he would be able to ride after several hours of training over two days or so. I said it could not be guaranteed, so they turned their attention elsewhere. And Levar probably still can’t ride a unicycle. Next time this comes up, I’ll guarantee the person can ride. If they don’t learn it in time, it’ll be their fault! :slight_smile:

Most people will learn to ride faster with coaching from someone who knows how to ride. Leaning away from a wall and pedaling is not a great way to learn.

As for shows, I think I did my first paid “gig” in 1981, maybe 1980. Bradley Bradley and I rode our Schwinn Giraffes in the parking lot outside a restaurant in Redford, MI for something like $25.

If you want to get hired to work in a place like Navy Pier, you will need to be a performer. I don’t know what type of performer you saw there, but if they were on the stage, they had to have a show. Otherwise, you have to be able to not just ride around, but entertain the people as well. Places looking to hire performers like us (I would say unicyclists, but almost nobody goes looking for a unicyclist) usually want to see a photo and some references. A business card and 8 x 10 photos should be good to get you started.

And a show.

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On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 18:26:29 -0600, johnfoss
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>Most people will learn to ride faster with coaching from someone who
>knows how to ride.

Yes, based on the data from
<www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/agelearn_short.htm>, having an instructor (as
opposed to learning without instruction) shaves off 40% of your
learning time.

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