Unicycling is not a Crime - DVD Discussion Thread

Elliot’s part was my favorite part. I also really liked Max’s and the Sjönneby brothers’ part and of course the Pöham part was great too.

After watching it again, how could I forget Cedrics part?! It’s awesome!

This DVD is going on my Christmas list! I want it! Reading these comments make me think it’s like a “Defect” with improved riding! :stuck_out_tongue:

Got my copy today, but it isn’t working in any of my DVD players :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I guess I’ll settle for watching it on my laptop…

It’s just… it’s so awesome… I don’t even know what to say.

Elliot and Max were the highlights for me, but I said “Whooooooooaaat” at least once during every segment.

Is it available on VHS or Super 8? I don’t know what this “DVD” thing is. :wink:

I don’t get it.

Way before your time. Well, the super 8 is anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


K40 cartridge.jpg

Still don’t get it.

sad thing is we still have out VHS and super 8 :o

That’s ok, you’re to young to get a lot of things. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

They even made a move called “Super 8”. Don’t forget beta max, 8 track car stereos and Atari! (Actually, those are worth forgetting! Anyway, sorry for the TJ, carry on!) :slight_smile:

seen the movie super 8. aunt has a beta max (its confusing) my truck came stock at a 8track!

Ummm. Lets stay on topic.

I say that so much xD I’m probably going to say that in every part of the dvd x2

I was kinda bumming about my part before because I wasn’t riding as much and wasn’t getting a lot of good clips. :thinking: But after Bobousse showed me my part I was definitely happy with it! I guess I sent him enough footage that he was able to extract only the good clips from it that I had forgotten I filmed. :smiley:

My favorite part was Tim and Cleden’s for sure! But Maxime and Adrien Litchfouse’s and the Sjönneby’s and the USA group parts were also really good. Kickass video overall and good to see all the riders and their sections.

Uinac has been sitting on our living room TV table… since Tuesday… it is now Thursday night. Tomorrow we get to watch it! This has been torture…

Expect a huge in depth review after I watch it :stuck_out_tongue:

i answer to eli for the dvd player problem
when you produce a dvd you have to choose to produce it in pal or ntsc, normally nowadays a lot of dvd players can read both format, but there’s also the zone of the dvd, and i choose the zone for europe, so that’s basically why it’s not readable on dvd players outside europe, but normally you can change the zone on some dvd players, and some dvd players can play all
as i’m not a big production i didn’t produce the dvd in every format and every possible zone

hope people understand



Wheres my refund

the first uni dvd after a really long time and it was worth waiting for.

thank´s to all riders and
especially thanks to bobousse for doing all the work to produce it.

Bobousse’s part is sick as well, it’s one of the flat parts that hasn’t aged too much since it was filmed to still contain some surprises.

Aaaaand the BC part. How is that not getting any recognition here!? It’s the best BC wheeling to date.