Unicycling is not a Crime - DVD Discussion Thread

Now that Bobousse’s DVD has officially been released and his available for purchase here: http://www.unicycling-is-not-a-crime.com/webstore/en/ I decided I’d open a thread for people to talk about how awesome the final result is. :slight_smile:

I haven’t received my copy, yet, but I can’t stop watching the teaser :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, please don’t spoil it for everyone else by revealing the specifics; this thread is more for the “Oh, [insert riders’ names here]'s part was my favorite” or “The filming and editing of [insert riders’ names here]'s part was really great” type discussions. I’m sure everyone gets the idea.

-Eli Brill

The UK have got their supply of DVD’s and got them on the site ready to ship out. It is certainly an impressive film.



We’ve also received them for sale at Grin in Vancouver, BC:

Indeed, some pretty impressive moves!!
I enjoyed watching riders we don’t hear much about on the forum (Arthur Richard, or Jeremy and Nicolas Potier in Abbaretz…).
Getting to see more of riders I hear so often about but don’t actually know how they ride, since I don’t watch tons of videos online. For sure, Bobousse managed to include lots of riders in the video!
I really liked when group of riders started little “choreographies” (sorry to make it sound like freestyle/artistic), I mean the use of the group factor instead of only having them riding one after another. And it brings another kind of creativity.
I thought having the riders play a bit with little roles (Martin and Jospeh Sjonneby’s introduction, Cleden Guichard and Tim Desmet on the couch…) was a great idea, and made it a bit more personal instead being just about the riding : we’re interested in the riders themselves too!

The number of riders is such that it is hard to talk about each of them, (sorry guys, you were all great!). If I had to pick one, I’d say I really enjoy seeing more of Cedric Vincent’s style.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh I haven’t got mine yet! I ordered it last week and right now I’m sitting by my window so I can go check the mail as soon as it comes. Can’t wait to watch it, I love the teaser and especially the croatia teaser.

i’ve been so excited ever since i saw the teaser. i cant believe i have to wait till christmas to get it though. i dont know how ill make it

The DVD is awesome!!
I loved almost all the parts a lot! :slight_smile:
But my absolute favourite parts were the parts from ALEIX lidon baulida, MAX schulze and Elliot;

Aleix does some of the sickest trial stuf in the world! with an awesome style
Max is awesome like always!
Elliot his flatland is so big/creative/tech./smooth/…

and ofcourse the pöham, cedric, sjönneby brothers, Potier brothers, america riders,… were insane to! sick riding, editing, filming,…

The part I am most excited to see of anyone’s is Elliot’s. His riding is always so creative and fresh. I’m really stoked to see what he pulled for the DVD.

I’m really looking forward to see the movie!
I think I mostly looks forward to see the Potier bro’s part! I got so excited by clips of them in the trailer! Also I look much forward to the Sjönneby’s part because I love their style so much, definitely some of my favourite riders!
I probably have to wit until next Wednesday to see it :frowning: Too long time :frowning:

Probobly a stupit question, but who are the Portier brothers?
I know a lot of riders but not those guys. Can somebody post a video of them?

Not stupid :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t neither know them before the trailer! The newest video I’ve found is from 2009

Absolutely great DVD!

I will have to watch it at least once again to name exactly the parts I liked most but it will probably be that of Max Schulze and Cleden Guichard & Tim Desmet and the Bails which show that all those riders are also just human. :smiley:

I have my copy, got it yesterday. But I’m waiting untill I go see my teammates on the weekend to watch it.

By the sounds of it, Max’s part is really good. Which I wasn’t expecting because he was saying he wasn’t very happy with his part in the DVD. Looking forward to seeing Tim and Cledens part, Krisz and Adrien.

I’m watching it right now :smiley: It wouldn’t play on my TV but it’s working on the computer. I’ll post a more in depth comment later but for now… OH MY GOD ELLIOT IS A BEAST. I was not expecting his last trick at all.

His last trick? HIS LAST TRICK!? I HAVE TO KNOWWWWWW! But… but I can’t spoil it for myself… I’ll have to wait :frowning:

The real “crime” is that this 2 year old video, which is awesome, has hardly any views!

mmm… Their riding is quite sick like always… but nothing really special (for them…) so it isn’t in my top parts of the dvd ^^

:open_mouth: IT WAS SO GOOD. Honestly the street and even trials were a lot better than the flat though, just because everyone is always filming flat so the clips in the DVD were old (unavoidable with a DVD) but since no one makes street vids all the clips were amazing. I really want to discuss the tricks! Maybe someone should start a spoiler thread or something :stuck_out_tongue: . Cedric did some insane skatepark stuff that I didn’t think was really possible, the Sjonnbeys are ridiculously clean and flowy, Aleix had an AMAZING rail ride and Will’s combo with the coast :OOO.

MAX SHULZE IS GOD. His part was SO good, I never imagined that I’d see a combo like his last one :open_mouth: and he landed such a good street trick in the middleish, so clean and steezy. And despite what I said up there ^ his flatland bit blew me away.

Yeah that’s how I feel too. Tim you and Cleden’s part was so sick! One of my favorites for sure. Loved that tech trick you did down the 2 and especially Cleden’s last line xD

Well, hopefully I didn’t give too much away. Hahaha I bet you guys want to see it really bad now xD

Edit: and Elias had some amazing stuff too, the clip with the moving gate :open_mouth: WTF

If my copy doesn’t show up today I think I’m going to explode thinking about Max’s and Elliot’s parts.

I’ve re-watched the trailer like a thousand times today, to get a little drug! I feel kinda like an addict :frowning: I need my drug! And I’m waiting for the dealer to deliver, so I have to get the little bit I can have at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at the comments I’m kinda suspecting something really big from Max and Elliot! But still, I’m looking most forward to the Potier’s part! I got most teased, by their tricks in the trailer!

Thanks! I know who they are but I didn’t knew their names. :smiley: