Unicycling is great for the legs but......

I love the great cardio, and leg workout uni gives me, I just hop on my uni, pop an audio book in my ears, and ride, my legs are in better shape then they have ever been. But I want a fun/equivalent workout for my arms, doing twenty minutes of pushups a few days a week gets really boring, I’d love to hear what you other uni riders have found for fun hard arm workouts.

building stuff for ur uni


Forearm workouts with unispins, lower back from falling and picking up the uni. Biceps in one arm from jumping. Shoulders in both arms (not sure why yet). Yep. It may not be an even workout, but it’s good. I do not suggest it for getting muscle mass though.

-Shaun Johanneson

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Pick up rock climbing… Find a local indoor gym and get acquainted with the ropes. It’s a tremendous upper body workout (chin-ups, forearms, back, biceps, core strength, balance… everything).

Thats a good one, I actually enjoy rock climbing there used to be place nearby, I’d go there when I was younger and climb, they closed down, but i’ll have to see if there is anyone else in my area, thank you sugarloafur, I totally forgot all about climbing, If anyone else has ideas, of some sports/activities, i’m still all ears.

Hes just another person like the rest of us, he just happens to be really good at what he does.

I wouldn’t go as far as to calling shaun johanesson famous. I mean he’s a damn good unicyclist but walk up to a complete stranger and the chances are he or she has never heard of him.

He’s a unicyclist, he may deserve to be famous, but he’s not, Kris isn’t even famous. Maybe someday there will be famous unicyclers, but now there are just some unicyclers better then others.

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add grip strength to the list of w/e it is

We have a small room in our house with a rock-climbing cave in it. They’re very easy and cheap to build. Climbing is one of the best all-around workouts, and it concentrates on the upper body. It’s a perfect compement to uni’ing.

You don’t need a tall ceiling - ours is only 7.5 ft in height, but we have a bunch of holds and we just traverse one way and back the other way. The kids (my 6 yr old son and his buddies especially) love it. It stays interesting because you can add challenges like “just use the blue holds”, “just orange”, etc.

Here’s a kind of mosaic pic (there’s no place in the room I can get far enough away to get the whole thing in one picture). It’s five or six 4’ X 8’ X 3/4" sheets of plywood, cut up and built in at various angles. One on the left wall, two in the middle, two on the right, and one on the ceiling. The holds can be re-arranged easily so it never gets boring.

Juggle while riding!!

Seriously though.

I wish I were super famous. Food for thought, before I went to Aspin at the beginning of this year, i didn’t know who Shaun White is. So yep yep. haha. Yeah maybe lift weights too.

-Shaun Johanneson

Have to be dedicated to workout. I’m a grandmaster of martial arts and its probably the most difficult execution.

Arm strength can be obtained through a couple ways. Lifting weights is easy. But endurance can be done by the following

lateral pushups
diamond pushups

Reverse pushups (doing them with your arms behind you your rear facing the ground)
triangle pushups( another reverse varition… exclusively goes for triceps)
Elbow pushups(works upper core)
If your limber, bridge pushups. Those are really fun… :roll_eyes:

wall pushups
Pull ups on any surface you can grab

muscle flexes. That is tightening your muscle then contract very slowly like lifting weights then snap it back really fast.

Don’t forget to stretch afterwards! Or before doing so.

I like James_Potter’s idea of juggling, it would work!

Know what you’re asking for…

Side-ride, sideways-ww, is good for the upper-arms.
Oh and hand-ww (with ft ext) is great for your stomache-muscles.

Well, I’m just below BMI 20, so my muscles are very visible. So when I don’t practise you can tell very easily.

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i vote rock climbing as well. it is way fun, or if you have accesibilty to it i would suggest river kayaking. i do it in the summer and it is a blast.