unicycling in the olimpics?

Has unicycling ever been in the olimpics?

I don’t know but it should be. There are some pretty ridiculous things in the olympics. I think all extreme sports should be in the olympics personally.

Me on the other half, don’t think any extreme-sport should be in the olympics, because not all sports are about competing against others!



I don’t actually care about competing myself but it would be fun to watch the sports I enjoy that I think take much more skill than some of the olympics sports.

Yeah, like ribbon-dancing. That isn’t even a sport!


Or that team shuffle board looking thing on ice! But that is actually pretty fun to watch hah. :sunglasses:

it’s called curling!

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing all subjectively judged events removed from the Olympics. There are a lot of “sports” that I enjoy watching that would not be included if this happened, but not every activity that requires training and/or breaking a sweat needs to be in the Olympics.

Just my own opinion.

Or, not all people are about competing against others. In other words, no one is going to make you compete. If somebody else wants to, why not let them? Competition is a great motivator. It helps individuals improve their skills and fitness, it helps the sport (art/recreation/activity) grow and improve, and it drives innovation and competition among vendors of unicycles and parts.

That said, we haven’t gotten much closer to making unicycling Olympic-eligible in the last few years. A steady string of Unicons is good, but we need to keep adding countries that have national organizations. Canada, when are you guys going to get it together? :slight_smile:

Unicycling has never been in the Olympics. But the IUF was created with that as one of its many goals.

Without the big Olympics, we should all consider Unicon our “own” Olympics of unicycling. And we have a lot more control over how we do things there…

Wow, that would be a lot. No diving. No skating outside of the track. No gymnastics of any kind.

Curling would stay in, of course. :smiley:

yea it really should be. some things on there are like… pole vaulting. ive always thought the olympics was just code for all the reject sports that no one likes.

pole vaulting? pole vaulting is COOL! and hardcore, too. You can’t say nobody likes running. or snowboarding. Or any of the cool sports on there.

I think it should be limited to simple contests of strength/ability, though. No kayaking, etc.

somebody’s gonna jump on me for this, I know, but I think kayacking, unicycling, snowboarding, and other sports should have their own catagory, while running, swimming, jumping, biking, throwing, skiing, etc. are sports of the style that should be in the olympics. Unicycling, (extreme, anyway) should be in the XGames. Hour record, distance uniing, sprints, etc. could be in the olympics though.

Yeah well if they had unicycling in the olympics they would have to make it pretty strickt. I mean they could have freestyle which would be judged just like ice skating or gymnastics, trials, the same. But Muni would be open for some contraversy, I think if you fall off your out of the race, because in some parts of a muni cource you could run faster then you could ride need be, so if your feet touch the ground you should be out in my opinion. I know you could say well if he stayed within a five foot radius of where he came off the unicycle, ect, ect. But I think the rules would have to be simple and to the point, you touch the ground your out, then just have people posted along the 1/4 mile or whatever coource, mainly at the difficult areas, and make sure no one falls off.

In the end though it wouldn’t matter because Khris would be there, and yeah he never falls.

Re: unicycling in the olimpics?

No, but they said we could join if we’d spell it correctly.

Honestly, if Ultimate Frisbee got rejected, unicycling is never gonna make it. Heck, if Downhill MTB isn’t in it, we have no chance. At least DH MTB is entertaining to watch even if you can’t do it. Noone cares how hard it is to do a 4’ gap between 4x4" posts and noone will watch it (not to say that entertainment value is the deciding factor).

The x-games are for all the stupid sellout sports. I see no reason to unicycle in them.

Edit: A race is different from trying to clean a line. If it’s muni trials, of a sort, the goal could simply be to clear the course without dabbing, without regards to time. Also, it’s just as easy to enforce where someone remounts as it is if they just fall. Absolute cleaning of a line would be pointless because then the course would have to be easy enough to be cleaned by everyone, which is no fun.

Re: unicycling in the olimpics?

Where have you been check out my thread we have been talking about this for about a while!!! Thread

Interesting. In mountain biking events you are allowed to push the bike. But for the most part, riding a bike is faster than pushing one, so there is no real potential for abuse. But is it ever faster to ride a muni than it is to carry one? Perhaps an olympic level athelete going down a really technical hill?

I found the list of IOC recognized sports to be fairly amusing: http://www.olympic.org/uk/sports/recognized/index_uk.asp. Bridge? Motorcycle racing!? Pelote Basque sounds like it has some potential to be a real international hit

If the equivalent in biking isn’t in the olympics, I see no reason why they should even consider unicycling. Not many people outside of unicyclists see the sport as extreme or even fun to watch, much less the Olympic higher-ups.

I agree with LJ. The trials stuff is sometimes impressive on video, but most of the very difficult MUni stuff is hard to illustrate on camera. You ride up a killer hill, technically very difficult, and on film, it just looks like you rode up a hill.

But then, if synchronized swimming can make it into the olympics…
… do we really even want to be considered?

Bike Trials never made it in the Xgames and now it seems that motor cross and the like are taking over, soon we will have moster trucks, not to knock what the freestyle motor cross guys are doing but personally I would rather watch a solid STREET skateboarding or bmx, I say street and not the arena jams that have been in their recently.