Unicycling in Playboy


Anyone’s got a scan of the article? I’m interested.

Scanned from the rider on the photo:

Only in german though.

If anyone has got any other scans from Playboy, then I’m interested :smiley:


ya let me know too. I am curious. pm me for sure

I you’re ‘curious’ then perhaps there are other magazines that would suit your needs better :slight_smile:

What did Muni have to do with Playboy?

Can’t find the link, but someone posted about a month ago a link to a TV news report on 3 German unicyclists going down the highest mountain in Germany. I dragged a German friend in front of my computer to help me translate it. It was filmed on the channel RTL.

You’d think that the first unicycle appearance in Playboy would have someone with a uterus at least, wrapped over it.

Why’s unicycling of interest to the mag? Unless of course the Germans have uhm… less conventional preferences.

Disgusted. This is utter filth. And the cover price went up recently…

In germany Level 11 is something usual, thats why unicycling is often covered in this kind of magazines.

I know that we still miss a search function at utv but that don’t mean that we don’t host the video :smiley: you will find it here

Are you saying what I think you’re saying?

For people interested in this sort of smut I might happen to have some photo’s of my sister cokering through the streets of London in the nuddy…

For the right price of course.

im not fluent in german…so i have no idea what the heck was up with that guy with the roller blade wheel all over him
but that looked pretty sweet

That is Jean-Yves Blondeau a.k.a. Rollerman

Playboy is about more than just nude photos. It’s a magazine for the needs of a certain type of gentleman. This gentleman would be curious about what’s hip in the sporting world. Muni is getting hip in the sporting world.

Am I the only one who reads playboy for the articles?

Playboy has articles? I’d never noticed :smiley:

ThisGuyIKnow beat me to it, but Playboy has lots of cool stuff in it (besides the pretty girls). MUni is cool stuff too. The video was beautifully filmed, and looked like really nice coverage for unicycling! Plus the video had a uterus in it. :slight_smile:

NOTE: I got the impression that there was a much easier way up that mountain, making it possibly a really awesome shuttle ride!

I demand unismut!

Now where’s that level 11 discussion link…

What’s rule #34?