Unicycling hurts my balls

Unicycling is tough as hell to learn. I bought a cheap $90 Chinese unicycle. I tried to figure it out. Got a ‘how to’ video. But alas could get nowhere.

Unicycling has got to be one of the hardest sports to master.

To top it off, my balls used to get squished when sitting on the seat. I wondered if this was due to the cheap bikes seat?

Is that a common complaint or was I just doing it wrong?

the first step I always tell anyone when letting them try is to lift up your balls. It’s as simple as it sounds. cup them in your hand and lift balls and all up towards your stomach. After that put the seat under you, you can then let your balls rest on top of the seat and in front of your body as opposed to under you.

I’ve attached an image that should explain all (it wasn’t created by me).

Hah, nice instructional image :slight_smile:

I’m buying a Unicycle soon and this issue does worry me.

I have heard that that problem can be dealt with by removing them surgically.

@unigamer, Have you ever considered becoming a graphic artist?

Eunuchs are us?

I understand most eunuchs are unicyclists. :p.

While I’m on the subject. I am worried that radioactive particles from Japan might be bad for my unicycle, so I am going to start keeping it in the house.


Sadly my drawing skills are terrible. I saved that picture from a thread a while ago because the question comes up fairly regularly and it is an effective diagram. I didn’t take a note of who drew it but someone is welcome to take credit for it!

Balls in front! And don’t worry about learning, everyone had to learn how to regulate the nuts, now I don’t even think about it, and I never hurt em :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a variety of solutions, not of which turned out to be perfect. My current regime is a layered approach:

  • compression shorts
  • baseball sliding shorts
  • bike shorts [/LIST]

    Sometimes I even wear regular shorts over the top of these. The layers won’t completely eliminate UBC (Unplanned Ball Compression) but should help tremendously.

  • Wear some tight pants.

    Ahem…Not EVERYONE!

    This has got to be an awkward thread for the young teenage girl to be reading. . .

    Good point, it is such a common topic that I think most of us males don’t think twice about talking about our unicycle-to-testicle dilemma

    Don’t think we females are lucky. Girls have their own dilemma and it can’t be moved out of the way. It just requires a lot of anti-friction type cream. It does become quite painful after a couple hours of riding. it gets worse with age. Nice thought huh?

    Im confuzed . . . . why does this picture show your rider sitting on large diamonds?? Seems like it would be more comfortable if you left the diamonds at home . . .you know . . . like in a safe?? Then the testicles won’t be you know . . . . getting crushed by the diamonds??

    I like all the disclosure on here. The only thing missing are real pics of the nasty bits. . . . after injury - or anti-friction therapy
    I really can’t resist posting this link from the movie Idiocracy. . . . that is somewhow appropriate and yet totally safe for work (I think):


    Not what I meant in the least. Merely that many male unicyclists are so open to talk about their testicles.

    Don’t read it then.

    I don’t read the makeshift tampon threads on the SHTF forums in the ladies section.

    Ball issues was one of the reasons I gave up with unicycles years ago. I figured something was wrong with me. Surely the other guys did not have this problem. So very glad memebers are up front with their replies.

    I try to be open with my posts. I’m an old cruster. Health is just soso. Don’t have much time left to beat round the bush sugar coating things.

    one must ask then. . . Why are you still here?