unicycling events

so im doing this school project on unicycles, what are some of the bigger events in unicycling history, like the first unicon and moab and other conventions.
thanks in advance to anyone who helps or trys to help

Unicycle Events

Large unicycle events or gatherings are wonderful! I strongly encourage anyone to attend. You’ll learn more than you ever imagined. You’ll help those learning. And, you’ll share your passion with many who will be eager to meet you.

The NAUCC (North American Unicycle Championship and Conference) this year will be in Memphis and hosted by the Memphis Unicycle Club, June 30th – July 5th.

Visit the MUC website for more info: www.memphisunicycleclub.com


Even down in little old New Zealand we have a national competition. Most competitors are Hobbits, though we have had a few elves from time to time.

The NZ nationals are awesome, but are very different than events overseas.

Instead of the traditional Bar for high-jump (they’re hard to get out here), we use a selection of sheep (Bah!)

To test distance, we line sheep up in a row, and you have to clear them. If you don’t you’re in big trouble, so it’s a little extra pressure :stuck_out_tongue:

We also do special drop competitions, with the help of some local Ents. They pick us up to a set height, and we attempt higher and higher drops.

When we go on Muni rides, we carry crossbows at all times incase we get attacked by a roving group of Orks, on occasion we’ve had to make some hasty escapes. Our crossbows are as valuable to us as our 661’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for next years NZ Uni Weekend, We’re totally heading for a Muni down Mount Doom. :wink:

Note: NZ events are just like the rest of the world, except smaller.

I know this is not a bigger event in Unicycling history, but it could come in handy to be able to say something about how widespread unicycling is :slight_smile: Good luck with the report :smiley:

Competition events, or historical events?


Unicycling Society of America:
Founded in 1973. First event, “National Unicycle Meet,” 1973, Pontiac, Michigan

Before this was a large Unicycle Invitational, sponsored by the Stelber Corporation with help from USA founder Bill Jenack. This was in New York’s Central Park in 1971.

International Unicycling Federation:
Founded in 1982. First event, “International Unicycling Convention,” 1984 in Syracuse, New York. Starting with the second one we called them “Unicon.”

First big MUni race I know of was at Unicon IV in 1988 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. There were about 70-100 entrants.
First one at a USA convention was in 1989 in Mobile, Alabama.

First all-MUni convention:

First Moab Muni Fest:

In between were the British MUni Weekend (BMW) and others.

Japan has held the world’s largest unicycle events, with up to 1200 competitors or so. I don’t know if the most recent Unicon was the biggest (it was certainly the biggest international one), it may have been a Japan nationals. Way back at Unicon III, the first one in Japan, there were about 850 competitors.

In 2000 we had somewhere around 400 international unicyclists all holding hands in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

In 1998 we had a similar number of riders try to link up on a narrow, rectangular park in Bottrop, Germany.

In 1992 in Quebec City, Canada, we had 192 riders actually ride, all holding hands.

A United States and MUni-centric timeline:
2004: Unicon 12 in Tokyo has around 1000 competitors and is the largest, longest unicycle convention known to me, with the most events.
2001(?): Gilby starts Unicyclist.com, creating today’s online unicyclist community.
1999: Unicycle.com started selling unicycles online.
1998: Kris Holm first rides with other unicyclists (MUni Weekend)
1995: We start calling it Muni or MUni.
1993(?): The Unicycling Mailing List becomes a usenet newsgroup, rec.sport.unicycling.
1989: First offroad race (UMX) at USA convention.
1988: First offroad race at IUF convention.
1987: 850 riders at Unicon III in Tokyo.
1985: George Peck writes in to the IUF to tell about his offroad riding activities.
1984: First international convention and world championships. All competition events are held indoors, in the same (very big) room.
1983: Riders from approximately 8 countries attend the USA convention, and talk starts about doing a true international one the following year.
1982: IUF is founded.
1981: Miyata unicycles become available in the U.S.
1973: Unicycling Society of America is founded.
1967: Schwinn introduces their unicycle.

There is plenty more, this is just American and IUF stuff. Please add more!

men john foss your like jesus or something u kno EVERYTHING when it comes down to unicycling.

2001 is the correct year, although I wouldn’t say Gilby created the online community. He created an alternative way of joining the already existing online community, and unicyclist.com is now by far the main vehicle to access this community but not the only one. (I am temporarily posting from the forum because of technical issues.)

The usenet newsgroup rec.sport.unicycling was created in 1995, after having been in the works for more than two years.

That’s right. But due to his work, our community grew and changed. Some might argue that making access easier brought in too many casual users, but I still think our online community is one of the best out there.

Does anyone know when the mailing list was started? I joined onto it in 1992, I think. Maybe '93.

It started Jan 19, 1993, as you can read here:
This was after the first attempt to create a newsgroup failed. A later attempt in 1995 succeeded.