What unicycle do u got? type here…

I got a Monty trial (silver)

But im gonna buy a qu-ax aluminium, buy yellow pedals and koxx seat:D

Seriously man! And this thread is not even old! ( and then there’s that ream of other dupe threads…)
Also there’s already ‘‘Post your unis here!’’ on the top page of Today’s Posts :astonished:

nobodys ever made a thread like this :roll_eyes: :smiley:
but anyway ive got a nimbus isis 19"

Someone should just make a sticky and be done with it.

At least jamessd did the right thing here. The others are newbies keeping a redundant thread alive for no reason.

First, give the guy a useful link.

Then, tell him how to use the search function (it’s the link named SEARCH.)

Finally, if someone has pointed these things out, let the thread die the death it deserves.

ure bumping the thread to…