What kind of unicycle do you have???

:smiley: i have a sun classic…you?

Is it yellow? OMG if it’s yellow, I’ll have to kill you!


I cant tell if he’s being sarcastic, serious, or just joking…

Maybe it’s a bit of all 3. :smiley:

I have a KH20, A KH29, A three wheel giraffe, and a learner.

If you want to know what hundreds of other people have, with pictures, look here

Ive got a KH20, Bedford 29er, and a 16" learner.

ive got a qu-ax 26" race uni a learner and a nimbus isis trails :smiley:

Koxx 26" track monster.

my uni

ive got a koxx devil gold and a learnes and hopefully a KH24 on the way

coker pic resize.jpg

muni pic resize.jpg

I also have a sun flat top classic. The seat sucks and twists, but other than that I have really no problem with it. I don’t see why people, never having uni’ed before would shell out $200+ for a uni. But if you can afford it, then that’s cool. I just thought the sun was the better choice for me in case I don’t like uni’ing…

i have a unicycle for every type of riding i can think of…
torker TX giraffe
torker DX muni
homemade geared speed
homemade BC
KH20 Trials/street
nimbus freestyle
jugglebug for whatever

also im building another in industrial arts at my school

Thats cool guys. Try to put alot of pictures because when my sun is wore out
ill need some help deciding on a new one. PLEASE and THANK YOU

I think i like Torker? IDk


^ ^
o o <-----hmmm a cat! lol

<---- That is my unicycle its a Sun Classic Unicycle 20in but they recently made a new version its cool and theres no red on the seat. i love it!!!:smiley:

20" sun
24" homemade
26" torker lx
36" Nimbus deluxe

I have a bunch of one wheeled ones :roll_eyes:

somewhat still kh trials uni, kh moment muni, nimbus freestyle, bc.

Stock 24" Sun learner
20" Torker DX for Christmas, although very little riding has happened.

You forgot Coker! There’s really no substitute for the real thing!

nimbus X 24"
k1 orange bud