Unicycle with coaster brake?

Me and my dad are thinking of trying to make a unicycle with a coaster brake. Just wondering but has anyone tried this before? before i go and waste a whole bunch of money (I’m only 13 my allowance isn’t that great) do you even know if this works?

Great idea, I’d like to see it

Been done. Hard to ride, it’s been said.

Read about it in this thread

See pictures / video here (scroll to the bottom)

I think that thread was about a freewheel unicycle, not a unicycle with a coaster brake

Sara C., Unipsychogirl, has a coaster uni. Don’t know of any video or pics of it though. She posted about it in this thread.

It does look like the SWAT Coaster does not have a coaster brake.

that would be cool… go for it