Freewheel unicycle

im not sure if this question has already been asked, but the other day me and a mate who rides a trials 20" bike were thinking, i wonder if they could put a freewheel on a uni, just like bikes do, so that u could pedal to get urself going, then just stop pedalling and u would keep going.
you would have to do something with the hub connecting to the cranks, but i think that should be the next prototype uni, they’d be a hoot to ride :slight_smile:

lol it would be impossible. if it wasnt it would already been done.

without the ability to back pedal you wouldnt be able to ride. just think about it. it would be almost impossoble( for me atleast )

it has been done. the unicycle team swat has a 16 incher. i beleive

its been done SWAT has a coaster uni

damn beat

post a link to it, coz i would love to see em, u could help maintain balance by installing a brake :wink:

I think they made it using the hub from the front wheel of a tricycle.

You pedal forwards - you go forwards.
You pedal backwards - the wheel disengages and you coast like a BC.

o ok sounds difficult…

Hell on wheel also had one. The parts now make up my BC wheel.

the coaster was realy hard to ride

Yea, that’s what a lot of people said. Turns out that point of view is wrong, eh?

See the link in my signature for a video of me riding it. Also go buy Training Wheel Not Required.

When did you try to ride it? Was it mine? Cause that thing hasn’t left my house since it was built.

here a diret link to the video: this

Now I want one.

sorey i ment to say my coaster not the.

Roger has one, although when I saw it the clutch was broken, so it would freewheel in both directions, you couldn’t pedal it up to speed.

It was quite hard to ride, but loads of people can ride BCs now, surely it’s pretty similar to that (except with more potential for speeding yourself up).


where can you get one of those? looks like an awsome challeng…fun 2 …

Somebody built a nice one using a hub from a Coker Wheelman penny-farthing. It had a brake and looked like a normal 24" muni, apart from the hub. I saw it at one of the Exeter unimeets a year or so ago - can’t remember whose it was though (I don’t think it was Roger’s… could have been somebody known as North who used to post on here).


Shocking attitude from a unicyclist. If it hasn’t been done obviously no-one was trying hard enough, or they gave up too early. This applies to everything, coaster unis up to cold fusion.

Don’t let it happen again.


I think it would be very possible. You would want a brake and some kind of handlebars. It would then be very similar to riding a wheelie on a bicycle. Without handlebars and a brake, I think it would be nearly impossible.

Think how fast you could go on something like that! :astonished: