Unicycle trophies

Here is a trophy that Unicycle.Com Australia donated to the Revesby (Sydney) hockey and basketball comp. There are 2 trophies, 1 for the Australian Hockey Champs and 1 for the Australian Basketball Champs.
The trophies are perpetual; the bases are old Australian Red Gum (heavy) and the rest is obvious, a 12" Axis plus plaques that Ashley Curtis had made up. The idea was collabative and looks meaningful, not to be confused with other sports :).
I would like to see some other unicycle trophy ideas that unicyclist have come up with.

My first unicycling trophy. Tom Miller (later of The Unicycle Factory fame) made a whole fleet of thse (several variations) when he hosted the 1980 National Unicycle Olympics (USA Convention). You can’t see that there’s a wheel between the legs, and it’s not attached to the base. It self-balances. The Pairs Freestyle trophies were a pair of smaller, welded-on riders, on a base that you broke in half and each rider kept half. He even made a basketball trophy, with a bunch of riders randomly spaced, a ball and a hoop. One of the riders was even sprawled on the ground.

This was my other 1980 trophy; they were donated by Miyata and/or the Japan Unicycling Association and brought by the Japanese team. The statue is taken from a photo of Jack Halpern, who later founded the IUF. They made him look younger. As of Unicon XII (2004), they were still topping the unicycle trophies with that same little guy.

In 1987, at Unicon III (Tokyo) I won the Guinness 100m race, which was held separately from the Unicon 100m race. For the world record, we took about ten separate runs with the same group of fast riders, then took the best time from that.

These aren’t trophies, but they were on top of my wedding cake, July 1, 2000.

And these two very cool pieces were made as thank-you gifts for people who helped out at the 1991 NUM in Chariton, Iowa, and at Unicon IV in Puerto Rico (1988).

That whole-unicycle trophy is very cool. I especially like the stylishness of the radial spokes. However I think it could use cranks and pedals (though I’m sure it’s heavy enough already).