Unicycle Trials, can we get into the Olympics? If so, how.

Getting unicycle trials in the next summer games would be huge. We should try to get our sport in there, I don’t think it’s to far off, they have bike trials. This would bring exposure to not only our own discipline, but others as well. Heck maybe freestyle could get added, but that is another thread.
I have no idea what it takes to get a sport in the olympics, what the costs are or anything like that. I think it’s worth some poking around to see if it would be doable at all.
Thoughts? I can’t be the only person who’s thought of this.

Use the search function there are many threads about such things. Maestro will be glad to point them out to you.

But Unicycle Trails no where close to Olympic status. For one you have to have 75 participating countries for a men’s summer Olympic sport. It would also take some expensive lobbying of the IOC.

There is a solution to get in the olympics but a solution that does not answer or solve anything. Book seats, bring you unicycle, run up to the boundaries of a soccer game or something and start hopping all over the field with your unicycle until you get fined $ and in trouble.:smiley:

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NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That would take all that is special and unique out of unicycling!

I didn’t see any bike trials in the olympics…?

Bike trials in not in the olympics. A sport has to be very organized with many governing bodies and have lots of participants globally. Unicycling does not have a chance of getting in the way it is now.

No it wouldnt.

The thing is that unicycling is still considered a clown sport throughout the world so it would be like trying to get juggling or tightrope walking into the olympics, which would never go through. Not only would you have to get olympic officials to see unicycling as a serious sport, also pretty much everyone in the world. Otherwise there’d probably be tons of protests saying that the olympics is turning into a clown festival and that it should be taken seriously. It’s inevetable that there will be a general disliking of it among the public. Would it be awesome? Yes. Would it be pheasable? Nope.

Why would we even want to be in them? I get some satisfaction out of a small sport. Even if we were to go big, though, why not the X Games first?

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Exactly! I think that unicycling should not be “because everybody do it” hobby, I just dont want that this would be very common sport, ofcourse hard starting avoids it. But still.

Why would hopping on a soccer/football field do that?

You mean like gymnastics? That’s circus stuff. I don’t know if trampoline was ever in the Olympics, but it’s a pretty serious sport. Born of the circus. Gymnastics of course is much older than modern circus, but that’s where it gained lots of popularity in Western culture.

Possibly the best thing we can do to start toward the Olympics (or other bigger venues) is to start collecting lobbying money through Unicon registrations or similar. My wife pointed out the huge opportunity we missed at Unicon this summer by not collecting any IUF money from that huge crowd of attendees…

What I meant was that when someone saw a unicyclist they wouldn’t say, WOW A UNICYCLE!, They would say, oh just another of those unicyclists