Unicycle trailer?

Hi folks
I have been thinking about attaching a bike trailer to my unicycle and seeing if I can ride around with it. Has anyone ever tried this, or something like it?

I have been trying to think of new ways of carrying gear on a unicycle. Wouldn’t attaching a trailer add an extra wheel/s making the whole thing a non-unicycle?

well beyond a seatpost rack (which won’t work for me because I’m too short) I’ve been thinking of a setup that would work quite nicely on the nimbus nightrider frame. I have a simple bicycle blackburn rack, and I’m pretty sure you could rig it up to fit the uni frame using pipe clamps (with rubber under the clamp) it would be tilted back quite a bit, maybe 30 degrees or more, but it could carry a top rack bag and tent/sleeping pad stuff. I’ve thought about a trailer every which-a-way and can’t figure how you’d get it to work. Even a tagalong bike with the seat removed wouldn’t work because of it’s limitations in vertical movement. : ( and yea, it wouldn’t be a uni anymore

In the 1970s, in early issues of the Unicycling Society of America Newsletter, Bill Jenack wrote about attaching a Cannondale Bugger trailer to unicycles, and using it in shows with his neighborhood unicycle group. That was a 2-wheeled trailer that was apparently pretty unicycle-friendly in its design.

To me, if you’re going to do the trailer as a statement, it has to be one of those one-wheeled trailers. But I think attaching it would be more complicated, as it needs more support.

I don’t think so. More wheels yes, but it still only balances on the one. If not, if the trailer is rigidly attached to the unicycle, that’s another story.

You could attach it in front, put some handlebars on it and use it to steer!

…Wait, what?

When I was in Kamloops a few years ago I was in a bike shop and talking to one of the employes and he mentioned that there was a guy around there who used to ride around on a unicycle pulling a bob trailer. He thought that the unicyclist was using a 29er but wasn’t really sure and never got good look at his setup.

A slightly modified BOB could be very doable. I think a connection near the hub would be pretty important for keeping the handling somewhat predictable, especially when you hit bumps etc.

I tried one a while back it was actually for my sons bicycle for doing paper delivery,still in use.The uni rides quite well with trailer attached.
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I have never tried to pull a trailer, but one time, just for fun I tried to pull a 3 wheeled scooter.
I tied it to one of the bearing holder bolts and pulled it round the garden. It worked very well apart from the rope stretching and making the unicycle jerk as I rode forwards, the rope also caught on the tyre and made me upd.

I think that with a solid connection (not rope!) Attached to the axle a unitrailer could work well. Will try and build one sometime.

A two wheeled bike trailer would work well without modification as it does not need sideways support. So it could just be clipped onto a bearing bolt, a single wheel trailer might need some modification to make it work.

Just my £0.02:)

if you search for a unicycle on ebay, it comes up with a trailer with one wheel, not designed for a unicycle, but it would only be right to have a one wheel trailer :stuck_out_tongue:
by best luggage solution would be a seatpost mounted pannier rack.

for another look