Unicycle trailer

I just finished making a bike trailer for my sons paper run and I had this silly thought…would a trailer work on a unicycle.I quickly made up a suitable bracket and had the trailer hooked up to the unicycle and gave it a go.Well other than being difficult to mount and dismount it is incredibly easy to ride.Dont ask me why you would want a trailer on a unicycle, I only did it because the opportunity presented itself.The trailer hitch acts like a ball joint only and gives no added support to the uni.Unicycle courier work anybody?

Here is a video

hehey that is very cool. I’ve been wondering about a trailer as an option for solo long distance unicycle touring, vs other options

One thing I wondered… with a trailer attached, at a glance would people still consider it a unicycle, or some kind of hybrid uni/tri cycle :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…here are 2 examples of some nice looking trailers to have. :smiley:
1) Hazmats coker trailer. :smiley:
2) Mcnuggets one.

I’ve been wanting a trailer for my coker ever since I got one. I have a 6 foot trailer I made for my bike that carries my two performing unicycles (an LX and a TX) and all my juggling gear. I’d like to pull it to shows on my coker, but there’s no way to attach it.

Thanks Haz, but I was thinking more along the lines of a trailer you could tow behind a uni when doing +1000km solo tours.

Carrying tent/bedding is no prob, can just go the ultra light route, it’s the water primarily and food, magnified by the relatively slow speed of travel on a uni - in some cases you’d need to carry several days of supplies. I’ve run out of water in remote parts of Australia when solo touring on my MTB - it’s not a bunch of fun, you sure get thirsty real fast once the water has run out.

If I went the uni trailer route, I’d probably get a custom one made. One thing that would bug me though, which for me also applies to solo bicycle touring, is that towing a trailer when solo touring is well… just not the way it is meant to be done from a purist point of view, not especially inline with the zen-ness of the experience vs only carrying what you can on the vehicle itself e.g.

There are a couple of long distance tours in Australia that make epic unicycle adventures imo, just need to work out a way to do them without a support vehicle or supply parcels.

Personally, I occasionally make these unplanned dismounts which sometimes involves the unicycle shooting out in front of me which could be potentially painful with a trailer on it.

1) So would you prefer a custom made one??? If so you should ask around and see if bike shops specialise in doing custom trailers for you.
2) So something like this, but an off road version.