Unicycle Tour of San Francisco: 2011

Hi all!
The Unicycle Tour of San Francisco is coming up soon!

When: Sunday Sept 11, 2011
Details: http://www.unitoursf.com

Gary has designed a really cool jersey. They are $70 each, and to order one contact me via email and I can forward the information to Gary. Get your order in by 8/15!. For sizing, check out www.velowear.com


my email:
corbin at corbinstreehouse dot com

Picture at:

Damn! That’s the same day as my “makeup day” for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride. I bailed on the June 5 ride due to a bad weather forecast (there was hailstorm!), and they transferred my registration to their other annual Tahoe ride. But seeing as how my Schlumpf has been out of commission since June 12, I think I’d rather ride SF with a bunch of other unicyclists than Lake Tahoe with no unicyclists and not enough conditioning. :slight_smile:

Yay! I won’t be the only old man on the tour! :slight_smile:

Even though we’ve done this ride many times before, it’s just as beautiful every time… I can’t wait!

For jersey sizes, Nathan found the page:

If you want a jersey, and can’t make the ride, I’m sure we could work out shipping one to you.


I just ordered my jersey! This is going to be great this year. I can’t believe it will be our 9th year in a row! Hope LOTS of you guys can make it.

Just ordered my jersey too. I think I’ll have to take Bronson up on his offer to borrow a 36" Schlumpf wheel, to stick in my frame, for the ride. No word from Florian yet… hope he’s received my hub by now!

Yeah, I’m remembering how unpleasant that latter option can be, from 2007 when I did it with zero conditioning after my broken toe. 8 hours pedaling, 13 hours on the course. The only time in my life it took me 30 minutes to eat a banana.

As usual, I will be thinking about you guys pedaling SF when I’m out on Day 2 of the Bike MS Tour. One of these years maybe the dates won’t overlap…

Well, since riding with some of you in April on the Auburn crit and realizing how out of shape I was after not riding much all winter, I went on a mission to get in riding shape in time for the Unicycle tour of San Francisco. I rode nearly every chance I could since Auburn, lost 45lbs, two weeks ago I did a good thirty mile ride and nearly every night after work for the last couple weeks I have been getting in a ten plus mile ride and trying to push the hills hard and last night I gained six tenths of a mph to my average speed. So right about the time I think I am ready and looking forward to the ride My wife says she wants to go out of town for the weekend and celebrate our seventeenth anniversary…So I suggest San Francisco…Not happening, I was reminded how on our twelfth anniversary I left and went on the S.F Tour. Somehow I am reminded that when a woman says to go it’s “fine” that it may not really be fine, apparently everything has been fine for the last five years and I probably should have gone on the tour the last few years since my anniversary was not on a weekend those years. I guess my timing is a bit off. So I wish everyone a great ride and hopefully I will make it again soon.

I’ll see you all there!
Packing my bag right now…


Robert, while we’ll miss you and all, it sounds like the real winner in all this is you. You get to spend your anniversary with your wife. And 45 pounds !?! :slight_smile: Way to go!


Yeah Robert, and I think I can help you with your training, maybe next weekend with a MUni ride? It’ll be back to MUni training, for MUni Weekend! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nathan

Sounds good

Alright! I can’t wait for this ride tomorrow. I’ll see everyone there bright and early. I sort of wish I would have trained. I guess I did ride ~100 miles last week at burning man…


I will not be able to make it. I hurt my shoulder last week in a UPD, and I am not back up to riding yet. I need to get up there for the ride one of these years. I hope you all have a great ride tomorrow.


excellent event idea

Heck…I’d have hitch hiked with my uni to that one…Just kiding.
But I’d live to be at the next one.
Hey John or ?..you ever see posts from Joeseph Campbell these days?

i’m pretty sure joe is coming to muni weekend this year


I wish you had waited until the 21st. I’m going to be in Berkeley then. Oh, well, I’m too much of a sissy to ride those big hills.

How long are you in town? We could get together for a MUni or road ride. I have that Friday off.

Thanks, Tom, but I’m at a meeting Thursday morning, off to Dublin in the afternoon, and on my way home Thursday evening.