Unicycle tire for polished concrete floor.

Thinking about my next build. I work in an aircraft hangar which will be a great place to practice this winter during lunch and breaks. On nice days I’ll be able to ride around outside and pedal on asphalt so I need a double duty tire. I want to practice obstacle course , idling, hopping etc. I weigh 200. I am thinking 26 inch Big Apple. Since polished concrete is slick I need something grippy yet durable . What do you recommend?

Thanks Glenn

The big apple is a lovely tyre. It gives a very smooth, cushioned feel. It offers good grip when leaning into turns. I haven’t tried it on a slick surface but I reckon it would grip well.

big apple should do the job nicely. the lack of tread knobbles is a massive advantage and the semi slick nature of the tyre should grip the floor well.

It doesnt handle wet mud well but dry hard packed mud (or indeed wet road) is no real problem for it

Careful not to fall on any planes…

Shmolagin do you ride a unicycle? Or just hang out here on the U forum shooting the breeze? I’ll mail you a 10 if you post a picture of yourself riding a unicycle. Don’t try to copy and paste a random Internet pic. :sunglasses:

No, I just had gobs of time to kill today in between classes…
Here’s the first pic I saw in my pictures folder of me on a uni…

Ok I am humbled. I owe you a 10 spot. Pm me and I will honor my wager. You won my friend. Respect!


What about a hookworm? I used it indoors for high jump

great photo schmolagin. You look very comfortable up there. Is it a six footer.

Well if your serious I guess I’ll send you a pm.

It’s a torker tx 5 foot. Yes I’m quite comfortable once up there, it’s getting up there that’s the problem

run and jump :stuck_out_tongue: my favorite way

This should be a good place to practice this winter. Hookworm or Big Apple is the question.

If Schmolagin doesn’t sen you a PM Glenn, I’ll gladly PM you my address, and you can send me that 10 bucks. I ride a unicycle as well, so I’m equally qualified. If you need pics, I can post them, though I’m not actually on my unicycle, just standing by it.

Lol, guys it’s shmolagin with an sh as in shoe, not schmolagin with an sch as in school…

Post a picture of yourself riding a unicycle.

Post a picture of yourself riding a unicycle. And recommend a tire for polished concrete and asphalt that is durable.

I was joking, really. Besides, I don’t have pics of me actually riding on this computer.

Shmologin, I know how to spell your username. I just think it’s funny how much it tousles your hair when someone throws that extra c in there. :smiley: No offense meant, I’ll watch myself from now on. :wink:

Actually it wouldn’t annoy me at all, but if someone is joking about it I can’t always tell with just text. :roll_eyes:

As for tousled hair, I never get tousled hair, the very idea sends shivers down my spine ;).

Kinda low to try to move in on Shmolmans winning bet. It’s only a measly 10 bucks. And you couldn’t even post a picture or recommend a tire for me. Shameless opportunist.

I run a hookworm on my commuter, it does good on gym floors and concrete and it will last for ever