Unicycle tire for polished concrete floor.

What can I say, I’m a leech.

I’d recommend you a tire, but it seems like everyone has that pretty well covered. Either the Hookworm or Schwalbe BA. Schwalbe Marathon is good as well, and if you can’t get your hands on a hookworm, the CST Cyclops is a pretty good imitation.

Since it sounds like GlennG has his recommendation and the rest of us probably don’t need 10 dollars that badly, this occurred to me: Would there be cases where you didn’t want too much tire grip, and could this be one of them? It seems like there are times when you need the tire to “scrub”, especially going slowly when you (or I, maybe I should say) need to make a tight turn or recover balance. A quick twist of the frame to change direction does the trick, but the stickier the tire is the harder you have to work to make that happen. Does it ever make sense to use a more slippery tire to make that easier?

I wouldn’t think that getting the tire to hook up under hard acceleration will be a problem on that surface. :slight_smile:

Killian there was supposed to be a ’ smiley :wink: ’ in my post to let you know I was joking around too. No worries and thanks for the suggestions.

Shmolagin once I break this 50 I’ll send your loot. Probably tomorrow. None of my business how you spend it but I’d be pleased if it went in your 36er fund:)

Eddie that floor is slicker n snot. I want all the traction I can get. When things get slow and the boss ain’t around you could only imagine the golf cart drift racing action ;). If the floor is wet it’s a skating rink. Even walking on it is hazardous. Should be a fun winter at work.


The floor is glazed with some type of sealant. It’s probably similar in grip to a gym floor.


Gotcha. That doesn’t sound so great for occupational health and safety but I’m not too surprised by it either. Stay away from the sharp stuff!

What, you weren’t being serious? Guess I’ll go untie my noose and start back on my Prozac regimen.


what tire did ya pick?

I have not purchased anything yet. Probably the Hookworm, just because it looks so cool and it’s a great tire.


Hey Glenn, love your workplace! Guess that Airbus is in what is now the old AA livery? Over 180 wide-body engineering jobs lost in the last few days at Air New Zealand. Company blames it on new types needing less maintenance! Air NZ was an early customer of the Dreamliner design and despite the delivery being delayed for 2 years now the Chief Operating Manager says of the 787-9 and the job cuts: “We all go and buy a brand new car and the mechanic around the corner doesn’t get as much work. Everyone in the region is buying brand new cars.”

Earl lets talk unicycles and leave our job out of it. Upmost respect to you brother! I`m here to escape all that airplane silliness.


Maybe, but not indoors on smooth surfaces. Regular tires can be challenging enough. Outdoors it’s a different story; the main tire(s) that foul me up from making quality, tight turns are 36" tires. You just can’t get a good spin on those.

Worse in some respects. There is no “give” in a concrete floor, so it’s less forgiving on falls Even a “hard” gym floor has a little bit of spring to it, and “sprung” floors are great for falling on.

Go with the Hookworm, which should be great for indoors and out. What often kills tires for indoor grip is an accumulation of UV light on them. I used to leave my Freestyle uni in my car all the time, but that accelerated the “irradiating” of my tire to where it lost its indoor grip. It doesn’t affect outdoor grip, but the tire loses some of its elasticity, and it’s very noticeable for indoor grip.

I hear you Glenn. No sweat.

@john i made that mistake with my trials unicycle, i rode it inside during the winter and when i left my uni in the car the tire started to loose grip!

Hey Glenn, did you finally settle on a tyre choice? If so, how does it perform in the hangar?

Well I certainly see lots of good kit for an obstacle course in that picture. Please post a pic of you hopping those steps :wink:

I have settled on the Hookworm. I have to build a new unicycle and have yet to do so. So far I have a rim, hub and cranks. Need frame, spokes, seat, pedals, post and clamp. I have been waiting for UDC to get the drak frame in stock or finding a deal on some used parts. Decent yet cheap is a must since it will be left unattended at work most of the time.