Unicycle Street Theatre Video

My brother and I did a 12 minute unicycle performance in St. Sauveur, Quebec.

It was filmed at night in low light but hope you enjoy the video, feedback is welcome.

Link: http://www.malcolmdonaldson.com/cameron/StreetTheatre.wmv


the links arent working for me

sweet vid…but you were right …very low light
loved it though

good good but you weren’t joking very low light

me neither but i would like to see it.

St-Sauveuuuur?? :thinking: Invite me next time. :angry:

GOSH! :wink:

We would have; but you were at camp. Sorry.

Is anyone else having problems with the link?


ah… ok… well… sne dme a PM qith your Phone #… I think you guys live more or less around there right? My grandmah has a place there too so next time I’m up I could give y’all a hollah.

dont forget that noob here… me

so you were the guys that could jump higher with a 24inch wheel than a 20inch at ottawa. right ?

The link isn’t working!
Give it to me! :wink:

Have you tried right clicking on the link as then clicking “Save target as…” If that doesn’t work please let me know again.

kapoute: Yes, we were at OUI 05, my brother is the one who does trials on a 24" uni.

Murde Mental: I am originally from Quebec, and spend this previous summer at our house there. However, we are now in Northern Ontario for the winter. It would be cool to go riding next summer together when I should be back in Quebec!

Did we do a good job representing unicylists?

Now it’s working…
Last time i checked it said the objekt has either been mover or deleted…

What did you think of the video? :slight_smile:


It’s really nice!
Pity it was that dark, you didn’t get to see much of what’s going on…
But it would be a really fun thing to do!

How big audience did you have? :slight_smile:

i finaly got it to work the other day but i couldnt really tell what was going on cause it was too dark, lemme know if you do some better lit ones

it worked now- did u make any money? ive thought about doing that and maybe a little breaking for some money. not sure how much i get though.

That’s Great!
It was really professional. It was great how at the end you let ppl try…
The video itself was dark but I enjoyed the whole show.
I’d love to do something like that myself… I need to find others around here to ride with first I guess.