Unicycle Rack :)


I finally went in to my local bike shop and bought a pre-assembled unicycle rack. Strangely, it was labelled “bicycle rack.” Odd.

One rear-view mirror and one windshield gash later, and I have a new rack for my rides!




Bump? Do I detect a sense of urgency?

I prefer hooks, but if you’re parking unicycles in your living room I guess a rack would be better…

I cuddle with mine <3

What did it cost ya?

There’s a certain satisfaction of making my own. Plus, you get to customize it for your needs and it costs way less! I recently made the little addition on the far left after getting my Oregon. But is the lone “Nimby” intimidated being the only non-kh in the lineup" Nah, “He cool!” :sunglasses:


no urgency, just didnt feel like starting a new thread when there were older ones out there. I need some sort of organizing rack for my family’s growing collection.

My father built a uni rack for our barn just yesterday, I’ll try to get some pics up.

I needed a rack that could be mobved around without unloading the unis, so I built mione from 3/4" galvanized water pipe, it looks like two big “C’s” connected at the top back and bottom, the unis hang from their seats with the tires off the ground, I can move the rack around for sweaping up mud, etc… the cross bars are where I hang my sweaty stuff.

Probably cost $20.

I’ll post a pic…when I remember :wink:

Works great, can be moved without the unis falling over, easy to build, just need a couple pipe wrenches, no adhesive, no screws/nails/glue, easy to modify by adding/changng pipe. I guess I could make ity pretty by painting it, but then that would be work :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be made out of PVC, but the upper outriggers would flex a lot with two unis on each side, so making it double sided with shorter outriggers on the top and bottom would be a better bet.

and love the pedals on the Oregon!

That’s Murphy, he’s a good cat, doesn’t trash the house, goes to the bathroom outside, and sleeps with the dogs; and he likes unicycles :smiley:

I totally redesigned my Uni-Rack. Instead of keeping them all on the floor in my previous uni-rack, this time I suspended them, but not from the ceiling, which is way too high for regular access. What’s great about this new setup is that it now allows each uni to be at a 45 degree angle, so they don’t stick out from the wall nearly as much, and it also has a shelf on top for whatever!


hmmm… that’s odd. I keep my ventriloquist doll heads under the bed where they belong. :smiley:

hey UG: not to hijack the thread, but THX again for steering me into the uni wurld. I ride almost every day now, including to work…life-changingly fun! :wink:

Haha, me too, but somehow they seem to keep finding their way back up there, in the dead of night! :astonished:

Glad you have joined us…the few, the proud, the balanced! :smiley:

OMG…l HEART the borderline-psychotic-puppetmaster-identity-crises genre! I’m sure you caught Cliff Robertson’s turn in an episode of the original Twilight Zone:

…and the guy who did the puppets for this flick was actually a teacher of mine in Bellevue, Wa. heehee.

…great stuff. :wink: Ooops! I just warped this thread beyond all recognition…sorry, original poster!

Oh yeah, a million times.

The voice for the dummy Fats was done by ventriloquist Dennis Alwood. His company also made the figure for the movie, and he was also credited as “Technical Advisor” on the film, having taught Anthony Hopkins how to manipulate the figure. During the scenes that required more complex movements, Dennis was actually manipulating the figure off camera.

My outdoor uni racks I made this summer! I try to use natural materials for any man made garden structures so they blend in. They are red cedar limbs set in concrete. Cedar weathers great and is fairly insect and rot resistant. They hold bicycles as well and was their original intention to keep guests bikes outta the beds.

Actually your ceiling is too low. The best ceiling height for uni-hanging is where the saddles are above your head when they’re hung. This keeps the space underneath completely usable for other stuff. In fact, it’s better to have them hung below eye level if they can’t be above the height of the tallest person likely to visit. I speak from experience.

For ceiling-hanging, the best type of ceiling is a slanted one. I had this in one of the rental houses I used to live in. At the center I put the hook for my 9-footer. A little further down went the hooks for the 5 and 6-footers. For the “regular” unicycles I put hooks in a horizontal beam so they’d all be about the right height.

Sorry, none of that is about racks so I guess I’m off topic…