Unicycle Race in Northern California

Hey guys!
My father is a bicycle race promoter in the Northern California and Nevada region. We were thinking about adding a unicycling event/race to one of our events this summer. I was wondering who would show up, what sort of turnout we might get, and if there are things we would have to do with the IUF to set this up? If anyone would be interested or has info on how to do this, please let me know!

I don’t think the races I’ve been in that have had unicycle categories have registered with the IUF or anything like that; our sport is pretty informal.

There are a ton of Northern California unicyclists, both road and off-road; if the event is relatively cheap and not in conflict with other events, you’d probably get a good crew. We had something like 13 riders at Strawberry Fields last year, but that was part of training for a major race (Ride The Lobster); this year, you’d be more likely to get numbers like that with an off-road race. I think the biggest turnout we’ve had was for 24 Hours at Laguna Seca a few years back; we had 12 then.

If it’s a road race, you might do best with a criterium format; we did that at Ride The Lobster last year and it was fun and spectator-friendly.

You’re going to have to give us a bit more detail before you get any yeas or noes. Is the race on road or off road? If off road, what is the terrain? How long is the course? What sort of altitude change(s) will we face?

Also, we’re quite spread out here in NorCal. Where exactly will the race be held? And what other activites are available at your event? I’d drive only an hour or two if it were just a race, but if it were a full on festival with BBQs, bands, games, etc. I’d gladly drive much longer!

I’ll come. But, it depends on when, what and where.

I also prefer a mountain unicycle race, but I’m happy with road racing too.


So far I have my calendar marked for a race on October 10, that’s an event called the “Global Biortythms MUni World Championships”. It’s not really the world chapmpionships because they didn’t even think to look up an IUF, but that’s okay. Until our sport gets bigger, there’s always room for another world championship. :slight_smile: That race will be in Cool, CA.

Another possible conflicting event is the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, which hasn’t been planned yet. At the moment the non-plan is to hold it in Northern CA somewhere, and we usually do it in September or October. Guess it’s time to start planning that one…

Also we have the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycling Festival, which has been on the Columbus Day weekend. Oops, that’s a conflict with the first event above. :astonished:

Speaking unofficially on behalf of the IUF (as its past president and one of the founders), there are probably two points they would want to make to you:

  • Please don’t call it the world championsihps
  • Please keep them informed about the event!

Beyond that, I encourage you to come up with an interesting name for the event, and have fun with it. Though we take our unicycling very seriously, unicycles are slower than bikes and have a different sort of appeal to spectators. Terrain-wise, we can go anywhere a bike can go, and maybe a few places they can’t (smaller footprint).

So how much event information do you have so far? Location and dates are the important things. Still in the planning stages? Please let us know. We can help you set it up to be a success!

Muni race? Sounds fun. Count me in.

Will there be an over 50 age category? How about over fifty, left-handed and balding? I am trying to find a niche.:stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like fun.

pfalvi – I would think the novelty of a muni race, especially criterium-style, would help draw attention & spectators to your overall event. I’m assuming it would be combined with a mountain biking festival/race?

I need an over 50 NOVICE category…

I’ll be watching this space for more details.

My riding buddy Gary and I (and sometimes my kids) enter MTB events in NorCal pretty regularly. Gary rode in the TBF MTB Kickoff a couple weekends ago, and maybe will ride in their MTB challenge series, too. We ride in the Shasta Lemurian each year, and the Whiskeytown 9-5, plus others in the Bigfoot series. We’re doing Bogg Mountain in late March, I think; it’s a 12-hour, IIRC. Gary’s pretty competitive, but I’m an absolute slacker (tho trying to get into some semblance of shape this year).

The Oroville-Chico-Redding area would be great for a muni weekend. Lots of interesting trails, and a kick-ass natural trials area at Bald Rock.

I believe that CMW 2009 has not been located or scheduled yet. All it takes is a couple locals to help plan it…

So. The race would most likely be a road event, on the course of a bicycle criterium. It would be in July or August, and would require participants to have a valid Unicycling Society of America license.

Has this event cracked the forums yet?

2009 MUni Long Course World Championship

Global Biorhythms Events is happy to be hosting the 2009 Muni (Mountain Unicycle) Long Course World Championship in Northern California on October 10th, 2009.

Concurrent with this race, the 2009 MTB Tandem World Championships and a MTB Singlespeed Cash race will be held.

Anyone know anything about the course? Long ways away (time and space) but could be fun.


I’ve been pulled over by cops before, but never have they asked me for a unicycling license. Does this mean that I could have been thrown in jail these past three decades? Who do I have to pay to buy me one of them licenses?

Northern California is bigger than most states. I live about 15 miles away from the Northern tip of northern California and about 300 miles from the Southern end of Northern California. Wanna clue us in about where in Northern California you are thinking?

I’m no racer, but it would be fun to ride with like-minded distance unicyclers.

Oh yeah, could you put some hills in the course?


Please note that the Unicycling Society of America is hosting its national convention (North American championships) July 26 - August 1. Also that there are no licenses. However there is liability insurance for USA members, if that’s a concern, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to require racers to be USA members if that type of protection is needed.

To my knowledge, the Global Biorhythms event is scheduled for October 10 in Cool (That’s essentially across the river from the location of the first few MUni Weekends). Their site shows a 12.32 mile loop, on a trail known as the Olmstead Loop which is open to the public. It’s a multi-use trail, meaning legal for hikers, horsies and cyclists. I’ve ridden it a few times over the years but it’s kind of boring for unicycles. A good Coker ride I’d imagine. There is at least 1000’ of climbing along the route, and it tends to be muddy though this shouldn’t be a problem in October.

I don’t know if they plan one or two laps for the unicycles, but it would probably end up being one.

Bicycle road racing requires a license, in this country from the USCF. Not sure if the same is true for mountain biking. So far it’s not true for unicyclists.

Where exactly in northern CA is this because im going up there this summer and im really interested ive been searching for off road unicycling for ever ( about 45 min) but just write back here or at ddwalker@socal.rr.com thank you