Unicycle prices in 2022?

I was hoping to buy a 29" muni last year but nobody had stock of disk brakes and tyres. I’m checking prices half a year later and it’s pretty shocking. Should I buy now or keep waiting, hoping for prices to come down? Cheers

I say buy now. I can only imagine prices going up and or staying where they are now


With everything that’s currently going on I’m sure you’re right. Supply chains won’t be fixed overnight, fuel prices aren’t going to go down any time soon and I imagine the unicycle industry is probably the lowest priority in places like Taiwan where many of them are made.


I don’t think prices are likely to go down.

Right now some industries have been absorbing costs to make sure that price rises aren’t too insane too. No idea if anyone in the bike/unicycle world has been doing that, but I’d not be surprised if we get another price hike on some products later this year.


I was in the same boat, waiting for a used uni instead of buying new. After searching for two months I decided to buy a new one. So for a month now I’ve been having a lot of fun riding and the money spent hasn’t been an issue.

Another worry would be if it goes out of stock it could easily set you back 3-4 more months, or even longer if more things go haywire in this crazy world.

It would be interesting to have the opinion of the group @Unicycle_Business ! :slight_smile:

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I know @rogeratunicycledotcom has previously shared some info on how the UK has been affected and some of the reason why UDC UK prices are up, but we do have the mess of Brexit too.

All prices are rising constantly. And it does not stop.
RAW material prices like aluminum, rubber, steel, all. Sometimes 10%, sometimes 20%, sometimes 3x 10% in 6 month. Lead times explode, too, partially up to 500 days.

Duty and VAT base on buying price plus freight, so these make things even worse.

Order books of bike suppliers are full, cycle booms, - that is where we also manufacture - and we are a little niche compared to them. So I only see prices raising. And even if the y fall, they will probably not go back to where they were, unfortunately.

We do not appreciate either, l and try to limit impact, but it‘s rather massive.


I’m sure prices won’t return to pre-pandemic levels, but I’m also sure they will come down to the point where consumers feel prices are fair relative to their salaries which have not risen to the extent prices have, since that’s the only way to keep inflation under control, and basically we are all going to have to suffer for a while to make this happen. Those who can afford the current prices will pay now, and the rest will wait until they can. I myself don’t think nearly 900 euros for a unicycle is reasonable, so I’m probably going to refrain.

The prices currently only know one direction: upwards and the procurement of the parts has become difficult: A saddle supplier gave me a delivery date for unicycle saddles for the end of 2024 / beginning of 2025. You can see what priority unicycle products have. Due to the small quantities, we are unimportant and now have to stand at the back of the line everywhere.

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Luckily there are unicycles in different price ranges. You can also do without high-end and buy a solid unicycle with a steel fork. The price is already a lot cheaper


I’m guessing mid-2023 max or even sooner, assuming no surprises, but right now that’s anyone’s guess.

Thought about it but my riding style is rather mellow and a unicycle will last me a lifetime, so I’d rather buy a nice uni once than have to upgrade later. Buy once, cry once :grinning: but I don’t want to cry too much.

It does not look as if there will be much change in prices for the next year… other than up. Although I suspect the big increases have already come.


I dunno, I expect gradual return to normal as suppliers catch up with backlog, which is an ongoing thing. To me a whole year stuck with inflated prices seems unlikely: If stuff costs too much, suppliers are also going to feel the squeeze as consumers hold off on their purchases, so that return to normality is in everyone’s best interest.

But most unicycling stuff is made the same place as bicycle stuff. And to manufacturers, making unicycle specific goods is low priority compared to bike stuff due to our low volumes.
Assuming a backlog persists, bike part orders will be prioritised over unicycles.
So, people may still be waiting a while.

Luckily many bike parts are also uni parts e.g. brakes, spokes & nipples, tyres, tubes. I was going to say “etc” but I think that’s about it lol. If uni frames are made by a factory that also makes bike frames, then yeah, we are at the bottom of the food chain.

You realise that those who have responded above are literally our suppliers - the people seeing the costs and talking to their suppliers?

Yes prices have gone up but as far as I know there’s been no shortage of interest in unicycles, even with higher prices.

You’d likely be best off looking second hand for s good deal if the current prices are more than you’d like to spend. You’re going to be disappointed if you wait for the new prices to come down.


Understandably, as far as our suppliers are concerned, the best outcome is for us to buy now. The more people buy now the quicker this will be over, it’s just a case of who’s willing to, or able to, go first. In my case I might look into a used one as I can’t afford a brand-new one right now.

In September I wrote a blog post explaining about the price increase in unicycles. It is not the whole story, but it covers most.
Why has the price of unicycles shot up?
As you will see from what I wrote that one of the main inflationary price factors is the price of shipping. One contributing part of that cost is the cost of fuel… I am sure you realise that fuel has just gone up in price dramatically… so seriously, do not expect any reprieve soon. :frowning: