Unicycle Presentation Movie

The French Society of Unicycling has put together a movie that presents what unicycling is. From learning to riding downhill, or doing freestyle or flat tricks, it should cover most of the disciplines that are practiced on unicycles.
It is currently only subtitled in French. If you want to help us translate it into other language, feel free to contact us :slight_smile:

You can watch it on YouTube, or download it here.

Most of the shots come from Unicon20 while some others are from Martin “Ride Everywhere” movie.


C’est magnifique!

Sure I can help - we can even do English and Czech if that’s useful :grin:


The video is very good! Even though I don’t know any French I understood what was being presented. Since the audio is entirely voice over, it seems like the script could be translated and videos with other languages narating as well as subtitles could be relatively simple to produce, but I’m no editor, just speculation.


I think we could easily give the video without sound / subtitles to whichever national organization wants to make its own version. We can also give out the translation of the voice over’s text.


This is an incredible video, showing us all, and our best that unicycling/mono cycle is so diverse.

I appreciate all the French is spoken slowly, and clearly and can understand most of it.

(This maybe down to the years driving Tours about Europe, but I remember when trying to speak, French in France, everyone spoke so fast I could never understand it)

Great work.


The video is fantastic! I can help translate it to Chinese. I can even do Chinese voiceover if needed.


Can you do it on spanish