Unicycle parts inventory. Do you have one?

With prices always going up, It seems like a good idea to put together a uni-parts inventory. I know that many of us probably don’t order stuff until we need it, and then sometimes find that the part we need is either on back order, or maybe even no longer available.

Plus it’s just nice to have it on hand so you don’t have to wait for it to be delivered. So I want to start an inventory of things I know I’ll need in the future. There’s probably more stuff, but this is the basic list.

If you have a parts inventory, large or small–or plan to–feel free to list yours, and/or suggest other parts not on the list below.

  • tires
  • tubes
  • spokes & nipples
  • cranks & bolts
  • hubs
  • rims
  • frames
  • pedals
  • saddles, foam & covers
  • seat posts
  • brake assemblies and parts

You should add the Handle for the Flatland/Street riders:p
I’ll put how much of each I have for my Trials unis!

•tires (2)
•tubes (1)
•spokes & nipples (36)
•cranks & bolts (1 pair of cranks)
•hubs (0)
•rims (2)
•frames (3)
•pedals (3 right pedal, no lefts)
•saddles, foam & covers (1 cover)
•seat posts (1, waiting for another one)
•brake assemblies and parts (0)
•Handles (1)
•Seatclamps (for the ones like me that keep stripping them) (2)

I have a bunch of parts that I got between 1981-84 that I still haven’t used. This is the downside of ordering ahead…

Among those: Whitewall Schwinn Unicycle tires!
Plus spokes, nipples, cotter pins, Brushy-things to ride on your axle to keep it clean, rims, and a no-air, hard foam rubber innertube replacement. Oh, and some whole unicycles, I guess. :slight_smile:

Haha, that’s REALLY buying ahead, long before the advances in uni-technology, like isis, double walled alum rims, and just KH stuff (post 2007) in general. The standard list should be good for many years to come, like the isis cranks/hubs, and all the stuff that fits my kh unis, which are all post 2007. But yeah, you’ll likely have stuff left over and never used, but at least it IS there when you need it. Like insurance. :slight_smile:

That was the problem. Some of that stuff became obsolete before I needed it! I was done with Schwinns except for my Giraffe. And I got a non-1:1 drive on that, so the current tire has lasted 20 years. It’s not like I didn’t go through tons of tires, pedals, cranks, axles, patches, posts and various seat parts. :smiley:

I wonder if today’s high end unis will be as obsolete in 30 years as the unis of 30 years ago are today! Even in just the last 10 years there’s been an amazing jump in quality and overall advancements. I remember each year my dad would bring home the latest model chevy (he worked for GM) and we all thought, wow, this is the coolest, most modern car on the planet! that was in the 60’s, lol!

I just keep a few extra unicycles around. Forget the parts list!


Yeah, that how I feel about cars. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bigger Badder Better!

Unicycles will continue to evolve just as cars do. When I started Unicycling 4 years ago the KH05 did not rule supreme yet and the DMs, Hunters, Wilders, Dirt Unis and even Pashleys were the Munis to have! Man I was considering getting a Dirt Uni! I am sure that most of the young riders today don’t even know those dinosaurs! I wrote a thread a while back about how it is getting hard to find ISIS hubs and cranks on the newer bikes now!

Having an extra seatpost, inner tube and few extra spokes around is probably a smart idea. However we can clearly see when the seat is getting ripped apart or the tire bald and can continue riding until the new part arrives.
Pedals and such can be bought at any LBS. Cranks, hubs and frames are probably not going to break unless you are doing huge stuff and are very heavy. In the worst case if your Muni breaks you do more trials and or cross country and distance riding until the new part or uni comes. Same goes for the other Unis.


I think yes, but not as much. There was a major evolution from 80s “regular” unicycles to today’s stronger wheels and cranksets that can handle extreme riding. The last few years have been more about refinements. But I’m sure things will continue to change and get better, and new standards will replace old ones.

Funny you should mention that though. I was riding my creaky Wilder on the trails yesterday, wondering about all the noises it makes. There’s the traditional creaking of the Profile cranks. Can’t seem to get rid of that and it’s been many years. Then there was a lot of noise coming from the seat, though all the bolts are tight. And after I started on the technical downhill portion of the ride, the bearings (maybe spokes) started making a noise corresponding with each turn of the wheel. What a cacaphony!

So I thought about it, and my wonderful Wilder, the “last MUni I would ever need” is now eight years old. My frame hasn’t broken yet, though several other owners suggest it will eventually. That can be repaired of course. It wasn’t made with brakes in mind. It’s on its original bearings, so I’m ordering new ones. And I found out what the seat noise was; the seat’s coming apart. It’s not the original seat, but it’s got a lot of miles on it. :slight_smile: Am I going to replace my Wilder? Not soon. And I’ll probably never part with it.

Yup. But it’s kind of like Murphy’s Law. It’s always something you don’t have a spare of that breaks…

tires (1)
tubes (0)
spokes & nipples (0)
cranks & bolts (0)
hubs (0)
rims (0)
frames (1)
pedals (2)
saddles, foam & covers (1)
seat posts (0)
brake assemblies and parts (0)

I remember trying to find a 24 X 1&3/4" white wall Schwinn tire back in 1979. Couldn’t find them anywhere. I was so disappointed to have to settle for a plain old black tire. I think I’ve gotten over the loss by now, but it just goes to show that change is bad.:stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have a list or something…
but these are the things that I have now, for when something brakes :stuck_out_tongue:

  • tires: a couple, but when I need a new one, I will buy the try-all light
  • tubes: ± 3-4
  • saddles: 2-3 koxx saddles and 1KH ^^
  • pedal: a plastic pair for grinds and some right pedals
  • spokes: stil 10-15 left

I also still have the half of my old uni, with the parts:

  • Frame
  • hub
  • rim (but al the inside parts are olready broken
  • cranks, but I can’t get my pedals of…
  • tube
  • tire, but I did grafity on it xD so it looks ugly

In the past I always had a spare seatpost, but since 2 friends of me broke my last 2 spare seatposts I don’t have one right now xD

  • I also don’t really need one, because I ride with a pit fighter 3… and it will take a while to brakes that one!!

I don’t need a parts inventory.

I’ve built a bomb-proof unicycle.

Santa Cruz, Tahoe, San Diego, LA, Downieville, Vancouver, it’s been down a lot of incredibly demanding trails, and I’m no pansy when it comes to rough terrain. My uni has taken a lot of scrapes but it has yet to break… and it’s almost 10 years old.

Sometimes “high end” isn’t always better. Sure, aluminum is lighter, but my Cr-Mo frame is stronger.

shout out to my brothers in Profile, my homies rollin’ on Doublewides, my nizzles on Nimbuses

I have some spare parts around but the only thing I ever buy ahead of need is tubes.

+1 :sunglasses:

Yeah, disposable unis!

I reckon that there will be advances in light strong frames using new materials yet to be invented. I’m surprised that carbon frames haven’t found there way into unicycling mainstream,although I reckon that there are some carbon prototypes out there.

tires (1)
tubes (2) for each size
spokes & nipples (66)
cranks & bolts (3)
hubs (1)
rims (1)
frames (0)
pedals (1 set) 3 lefts no rights
saddles, foam & covers (1 seat) (3 covers)
seat posts (3, waiting for another one)
Handles (1)
Seatclamps 4

I have a whole bunch of spares. I tend to keep most of the uni specific ones assembled as another uni.