unicycle paintball!

Has anybody done it?
I’m thinking about going out with my friends and trying this. I haven’t heard of anybody doing this before, which is strange because people do plenty of crazy pointless stuff on unicycles(see: unibaseball).

that would be sweet

that would be the best thing ever. Apart from quadbike paintballing. maybe.

did someone say pointless and stupid,

Before you try uni-paintballing, just go regular paintballing to SEE HOW MUCH IT FRICKEN’ HURTS!
I’ve been several times and yes, it’s fun.
But not when (A) You get shot in the face and end up with a mouthful of yellow goo.
(B) Get shot in the testicles and find yourself doubled over in your own personal world of pain for ten minutes.

If someone does try it though, don’t forget to video it. :smiley:

thats why you wear protective gear lol

have you ever tried wearing a cup while unicycling.
its fine till you sit down.
but Paintballunicycling does sound like fun

unipaintball is a blast. A painful blast:) anyway, try it, it’s fun. one minute you’ll be riding, the next big welt and somehow your on the ground:)

yea that’d be impossible…but the front of the seat would probably be enough to protect that area

sounds stupid crotch pain + welts =bad

Paintballing hardly hurts, and riding a unicycle, it’d be almost impossible to get shot in the balls.

Cool idea, though, I wanna try it.

I tried it briefly, it only consisted me and one other person(without a uni). I wear a cup for paintballing, and i had a little trouble sitting on the uni, so i just stood up. Then i got shot and realized that this was more trouble than it was worth. But it looked cool.

keeping your balance might be a little tricky :stuck_out_tongue: cause u have to constantly pivot around every direction

wow! now that sounds like fun!

Oh, I had protective gear on.
Well, a facemask anyway.
But even with a facemask, the paint still gets through the mouth-holes.
Lovely yellow teeth for the rest of the evening! :smiley:

And pump-actions would be more difficult than semi-autos.

games would last 5 secs u cant move anywhere with out getin hit

I’ve played paintball once, and that pretty much describes how I got eliminated in my first game. Ball hit the edge of my mask! But it was a lot of fun.

I think the only way for paintball on unicycles to work is if all players agree to stay on the unicycles. No shooting allowed if off the unicycle. Since much of paintball is hiding, you have to equalize your disadvantage, namely being standing up taller than normal. It should make for much quicker games!

Re: unicycle paintball!

It seems like most of the reasons that this would be a stupid idea have
been covered in the previous posts. Being a sitting duck on top of a
unicycle is contrary to all the strategies of paintball. If you need
one more thought, think of the fall you are in for if you do get shot in
the balls and end up curled up on the ground in a heap. Double ouch.

get some big barriers to hide behind!

in normal paintball youre trying to duck behind and between obstacles to protect yourself from others. on a unicycle you cant stop moving, so it would be wicked hard.
but then again, if youre just in some woods with trees all over, it could be fun. and the uni would look REALLY cool after. i say do it. make a vid.