Unicycle on a roof rack

This weekend I experimented with methods to travel with my KH29 without taking up all of the trunk space. The Yakima High Roller worked perfectly. I locked the wheel in, and put a towel on the frame where it would rub against the rack, then used a Sea To Summit cargo strap to tighten the seat down. It was very solid. I took it to the trail for a test run - perfect!

I want one.

I can’t tell from the picture, but I recommend, for Iowa in the summer, to face the saddle toward the back of the car. :slight_smile:

I use a Thule Sidearm roof rack. It grips the wheel and can accommodate up to a 29’er no problem. I tie the seat down to the tray with a bit of cord through the handle. It’s very solid.

Fastest and most secure bike rack for unis is the style that grips the frame and has a quick clamping wheel tray. I have tried all of the ones suggested above, nothing works like the ones I have listed below. The Yakima and Swagman require more work because the frame clamp is not quick release. The newer Thule is the easiest to secure on the frame, but my fav is the oild Thulke Big Mouth which is now called the Nomad.

I can put any uni, even a 36er, in the Thule racks one handed and be ready to drive in under thirty seconds. I could probabaly do it in ten seconds if pushed :wink:

I have one of these:


and one of these (my fav):


and here’s a cheap version:


Yakima also makes one:


Not a roof rack but I got a Swagman XTC2 for my 36er. See pictures in this thread. Fine for a 36er but it does not work for my 26" MUni. No foresight. I should have got an XTC4. The kids bikes fit fine but then the 36er rides up front (barely) with me.

wdmunicyclist, I like it :slight_smile:

Interesting - I’ll be looking at a towball mount bike rack shortly, so clearly need to think about how a uni will fit on one (though to be honest the bigger selling point is whether the tandem will fit - a uni can always fit inside with less trouble).

This is my set up ATM i can also put my nasty gear up there and its dry by the time i get home.

Something about that strikes me as overkill.

bahahahahaha! yeah it might be but it looks like he carries a bunch of other stuff too

I put all me gear on there post ride and i do put stuff up there alot. like when we went camping and hiking all the bags go up there.

Fairy nuff - I drive around most of the time with a kayak rack on the roof, but when going on family holiday the uni still went in the boot!

well i went riding today with some friends and there was 4 of us in all and we had 3unis in the back and i didnt want mine all beat up so i slaped it on the roof with all our gear. and i also put on a shorter tray and switched to a different strap to hold the tire down with.

I usually just toss mine in the back, but this Yakima bike rack also works for the Coker.