unicycle name ...why

My unicycle name is not very imaginative and I might change it. But some of you guys & gals have more interesting names, like bungee joe etc. I often wonder what’s behind your names as I read your posts. So what’s your unicycle name and why have you chosen that name.

I named my 29" unicycle Ripley after the heroine of the Alien movies. Why I chose that name is not entirely suitable for this forum, family oriented as it is.

Do you mean unicyclist.com account name or unicycle name? My account name is because my dad used to call me shmoleman all the time and shmolagin was the best nick I could come up with. I haven’t named any of my unis, but I have been thinking about it.

Err, I probably should have said unicycling name, eg., JJuggle is your unicycling name which makes me think that you probably do some juggling. However, unicycle names are a welcome addition to this thread. Thanks JJuggle.

Yeah, unicyclist name is what I meant. Does the name shmoleman have a special meaning?

No, Dad just makes up nick names…

mine is the county i live in and uni :stuck_out_tongue:
what my dad called me is not a good username

Me? JerryAttrick? The clue is in the age.


Ha ha! JerryAttrick. Your road sign is cool.

This name is from a Terry Pratchett book (And an obvious joke towards the famous ‘peace maker’ handgun)

Because she’s the monster’s mother. :wink:

My account name is a random jumbling of letters. Or you might say it was a lack of imagination on my part.

As for my unicycles, I never gave them people names. This can lead to some confusion when you have ~40 of them, but it’s a much smaller proportion of them that actually get ridden. So here are the names/labels I use for some of them:

  • Freestyle (my Wyganowski Freestyle uni)
  • Old Freestyle (my old, customized Miyata frame Freestyle uni)
  • Schlumpf (Silvacycles KH 36 with Schlumpf)
  • Coker (my old Coker Deluxe from 2002)
  • Wilder or Main MUni (Wilder MUni)
  • 29er (my 29" MUni, which has also been a road machine)
  • DM (my older, DM ATU)
  • Carbon (my even older carbon-fiber-framed MUni made by Roger Davies)
  • Six-footer or Giraffe (my Schwinn Giraffe)
  • Nine-footer (figure it out)
  • Handlebar uni
  • 12" (it has a 12" wheel)
  • Ultimate
  • B.C.
  • Artistic Bike (sorry, it's not a uni)
  • Trials (Nimbus Trials)
  • Old Trials (a Chris Reeder creation)
I rarely or never ride some of them, but included them as part of the picture of my "naming structure".

Mine’s just a random anagram of “nitrous bum” :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello John, that’s some collection you’ve got. Add to that your historical knowledge of unicycling and a unicycle museum is born. Just an idea!

As for me I am the humble owner of only nine unicycles. I intend stopping at ten and for my tenth unicycle it would have to be the most beautiful unicycle of them all. That’s right, an Abram Clark penguin unicycle as demonstrated by Bruce Dawson.

Because my name isn’t Eddie and I’m not really all that large.

There’s actually something like a back story to it. Large eddy simulation comes from physics (fluid mechanics mostly), a method where instead of trying to solve for every tiny detail, you replace the smallest features with their smoothed-out averages. It’s a way to turn a problem that’s easy to set up but impossible to solve into one that’s less obvious but has many fewer unknowns to find.

It reminded me of nicknames I’d heard: Fast Eddie, Crazy Eddie, Easy Eddie, Steady Eddie. I wanted to use something other than my real name so that’s what I went with.

Before reading your post,I had this picture in my head of a big, big man with red hair who’s name was Edward.

I hope you find one! I’ll admit that I’m fascinated by chain-and-sprocket gunis even though I see the advantages of planetary gears.

Your unicycle’s name is Charlene!

Short for “adventure racer” which is the name I actually used to sign up for an orienteering forum where people were being scathing about adventure racers, as a wind up (I’m a fairly decent orienteer - good enough to win low level competitions - but used to be an elite level adventure racer). That was way before I started riding a uni, but I’ve since used aracer as a nickname on most forums I’ve joined.

Lloyd Braun, (former) aide to the mayor.