Unicycle marathon world record

Was or wasn’t there a new IUF world record for the unlimited marathon road unicycling discipline?! :stopwatch:

Quoting the current IUF and Unicon20 homepage:

What happened there? Was there a statement by the IUF?

@toutestbon Any news on that point?

Maybe they got confused by the different way it was written down and read 1 month, 16 days and 21 hours instead of the 1 hour 16 minutes and 21 seconds :laughing:

But at least they could have awarded the slowest marathon ever recorded :rofl:


Long story short:

  • There has been no official measurement of the course
  • There are doubts about the length of the course (which could be a few hundred meters too short)
  • A new measurement must be organized…

I would have preferred it to be different. :confused:

On the side of the standard marathon, Gert-Jan blew the time by almost 10 minutes.


Boo :(.
Even if it was a couple of hundred metres short, i’d say your speed was faster than the 2014 record if you add the extra bit of distance.

We could agree on a compromise (1h17min00sec? :innocent:), but unfortunately WR don’t work like that :sweat_smile:

The most correct would be to find an opportunity to do even better.


11.06.2023 - Europamarathon in Görlitz (Germany). You would maybe not be the only one attempting a WR there.

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Being in Australia, that record won’t be reattempted by me at that event:

  1. Germany is the other side of the planet and it’s rather far
  2. My 42km at Unicon was just under 3 hours…. (29” standard, 125mm cranks)…… for the third lap I needed to dismount a couple of time due to crotch pain (crotch needed a break).

Gotta say, omg, having all the riders overtake me at speed at Unicon. Just wow. And when I started my first lap, some people had nearly completed their first.


Digging the topic. We have still not renounced measuring back the track…