Like bug

I think I found bug :beetle: in the forum/software/database. I don’t really care, it’s not bad, but here I note it anyway.

There’s a post of mine which

  • used to gather some likes in the past …according to what I remember
  • is also displayed as having 14 likes …in my user summary
  • recently got another like …according to the notifications
  • but has only 1 like in total now …according to the post itself
  • and I cannot see who this single like was from …when viewing the post

Three screenshots as follows (and link to the post):

user summary


As far as I understand it, the number of likes you see in the “Top topics” category is the number of likes in the whole thread. I have manually counted the likes on your topic and the count matches.

Regarding the ghost like, I have no clue. I’ve tried to see who liked and it displayed no one. I’ve tried to add a like, it showed 2 likes and then I tried to see who liked… I was the only one. I have removed my like and now there’s not a single like anymore on this message. There’s definitely a bug!

Ah, you are right on the “Top topics” like count. I wasn’t aware of that.

Now the notification of the like is gone too and the like count down to 13.

I have theory: maybe a spam user liked the post and that user was then deleted. I can’t find the user profile of that one “ghost like” any more! :ghost:

So after all, I believe everything’s fine. :+1:

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Yeah, that’s weird. Sometimes bugs like this are fixed by reloading the page. :person_shrugging:

Some tasks on the forum are done periodically every several minutes/hours/days, so some data isn’t 100% accurate most of the time.

But I doubt the “ghost like” came from such a thing.

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