Unicycle magazine...?

I love to go to book stores and theres many kind of magazines but I never see any unicycle magazines! I wondered, any unicycle magazine(s) out there somewhere? :thinking:

Unicycle Magazine. Not published any longer.

Theres also a French unicycle mag called Switch.

Oh, Thats sad! We need Unicycle magazine … fun to read stories, history, new tricks, whats new, clubs, beginner section, and mannnnny more!

Is it official that there will be no 12th issue or is it still just in a state of uncertainty?

How about the USA quarterly publication “On one Wheel”, is it dead also? Last year I did the yearly membership but didn’t get a single issue.

With print in general declining, it’s not surprising that these magazines would have a hard time with such a small market. But with the advent of ipads and smart phones etc, maybe some will start to come back purely in the electronic form.

This forum is my unicycle magazine. It has all that stuff.


Forums do not = magazine.

Sure there is a LOT of information on a forum. But the main point of a forum is for discussions about topics.

Magazines however need viewers, so they persue things like in depth-interviews, or hire photographers to cover an event, host their own events, blah blah blah and so on. These things you MIGHT get from a forum, but it is minimal, and likely few and far between.

I agreed with aarons and SpaceFmK! Dane M made a good point that we need a good unicycle magazine for public and fun to read! Theres seveal bicycle, mountain bike and BMX bikes magazines but not even unicycle! Problem is very hard to find unicycle in any store …even in Chicago! I got 24 inch unicycle came from speical bike shop that ordered one for me! Large sport stores like Dick’s, Sportsmart, etc should have some unicycle and more people able to buy it and fun to ride!

Well I think the problem is the perceived difficulty of riding one. If someone sees a unicycle in person they usually think “Oh wow that’s really hard to do” Sure it was hard at first to learn, but it’s pretty easy to learn how to just ride. I remember before I started unicycling it seemed almost like it should be impossible, I didn’t understand the concept of the fixed wheel.

So basically all that meant that until (or if?) unicycling becomes mainstream, you probably won’t see them in normal shops.

On One Wheel is now an electronic magazine, delivered in PDF format. This has been done via email, and apparently you didn’t get added to the list. Time to complain!

Go to the link below and click on Membership, then explain when you joined and request all issues including the one that was current when you joined. Hans is a good guy, he will hook you up.