Unicycle insurance company - UK

I’ve just received a press release from EcoInsure, who donate 10% of premiums to Sustrans and give a 5% discount online. They cover most things pedal-powered, even things called mountain bikes as well as the usual unicycles, recumbents, electric bikes, tandems…

I hope that their premiums are around the same as other insurers rather than 10% higher because of the donation…

The broker (Butterworth) is the same one as the CTC use for their insurance scheme. So we should be able to tell if they’re adding a big markup by comparing their quotes with the CTC’s. A couple of my more valuable bikes are insured through the CTC, so I could try to make a comparison.

Personally, the name puts me off - anything with an “eco” prefix just smacks of self-righteous bandwagon jumping.


Too late to edit…

OK, the quick quote screen on the Ecoinsure site says £325 to cover my two bikes (combined value a bit over £3000). I’m currently paying £135 through the CTC for what at first glance would appear to be pretty much the same cover. OK, so the CTC policy is only available to CTC members, so you should perhaps take the £30 or so membership fee into account, but even so it looks like they could afford to give a lot more than 10% away and still be doing very well.

But that was based on a quick scan through and I could have missed something somewhere - before anybody from Ecoinsure tries to sue me for slander or whatever!


What kind of insurance coverage is it? What we need most is liability coverage, especially for people who want to perform, use spaces for practice, or putting together conventions/competitions. Theft insurance would be nice too, I suppose, but much less important to me.

The Unicycling Society of America is supposed to be (finally) working on a scheme to share its big liability policy sith members and/or clubs. I’m still waiting to hear some details. Having insurance will often be enough to get you in the door, but with weird stuff like unicycles you want to know what’s actually covered.

It looks to be theft plus a bit of personal accident cover - but as I said I haven’t read all the policy details. My policy through the CTC (Cyclists’ Touring Club) is for theft cover, but accident and liability insurance is provided with the membership (and I noticed on this year’s renewal letter it actually mentions unicycles in the description of the cover).


CTC summary of insurance provided
Cover is for injury or damage to a 3rd pary while you are cycling anywhere inteh world except USA and Canada. 3rd party is NOT someone employed by you. No cover for damage to family members property. You are covered if you are cycling on a cycle 9 unicycle, bicycle, tandem or triplet) unless it is driven by mechanical assit other than electric.
You are insured while you are using your cycle for private and professional purposes including busines cycling. You will not be insured if you are employed as a cyclist - ie cycle courier.
You are insured while cycling in touring competitions, reliability events, Audax events, time trails and record breaking, not insured for other forms of competitive cycling.

So not quite what your looking for John Foss. Not bad for a Uk cycle / uni commuter or leisure rider.

Thanks Sarah! In fact it’s much better than I thought, for people who live in the target market. I wonder why not USA and Canada? Probably because we’re too sue-happy.