Unicycle Identification

I just got an old 26” and don’t know the brand of it. If any of you could help me identify and date it that would be great! I imagine @johnfoss will have something to say.

The cottered cranks are around 145mm long and say “made in England”. The pedals have a 1/2in diameter thread and say “D.B.P.ang.”on them. The rim is a 36 spoke, Schwinn tubular S-2 with a 26”x2.125” tire. There is no slot at the top of the seat tube.


The frame is the same as on a Columbia but I have not seen a chromed Columbia.

No idea, but the bearing housing looks quite cool

I’ve not seen split bearing housings of that vintage before.

Very cool.

That could be it. I assume it originally had a seat post like yours and then was drilled to use a Schwinn style post.

Here is detail on a Columbia.


Agree, It does look like a Columbia frame with better plating. Maybe someone did a redo?

this was a stock seat and expander post.

Do you find that seat post adequately secure in the frame for road riding? Currently there is a lot of slop in mine since it uses a bolt through the frame.

Well, No! Very nice fit, no wiggle. If you can, measure the post and the inside diameter of the seat post. The one in the picture is 20.4 mm/0.806"or 13/16th at base and 15.7mm/0.620"or 5/8th at the top. My Uni is vintage 1962 from Marshall Fields downtown Chicago, and this it what came on it. Did not use this one much, the seat Saws at your groan. Oh, mine is 24".

This is the saddle/seat post on my Columbia.

Curious Jim ? What size wheel ?


Is it a 26” or 24”?

I just checked, it is a 24". I was wrong on my previous post.

Jim, You got a fancy seat. The price I payed in 1962 was quite expensive. $38.85 USD. and only a rubber Messinger seat.

That’s a nice looking frame. Seat is contemporary; photo doesn’t provide enough detail for me to see how post is secured. Bolt through frame? Pedals are old; this uni may be from the 60s – a rarity to find! The frame doesn’t match anything I remember seeing, unless it’s aluminum, which it doesn’t appear to be. Similar to the Columbia bearing mounts, but not the same. It would be interesting to find out more about it. Any identifying marks on the frame?

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